Adobe Illustrator CC 2019! Complete Guide on Installation, Activation, Requirements, Tutorials, and Errors

Are you looking for Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 complete step by step guide to download, install, and license? In this article, we will answer the most common FAQs about Illustrator CC 2019. Also, the comparison of the features for Illustrator 2019 with 2018, 2017, and 2016 will be presented.

Above all, we will comprehensively cover all the essential details one needs to learn about the new Illustrator 2019.

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Featured Image

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a leading professional tool for vector graphics developed by Adobe Inc. It has popularity in creating logos, brand entities, illustrations, charts, graphs, cartoons.

Thus, the tools are useful for artists, graphic designers, web designers, professional illustrators, and cartoonists.

It includes more than 80+ tools in the latest release for creating stunning artwork and graphics. So, the vector graphics has the property to scale up or down indefinitely without losing the original quality.

The categories of tools in the illustrator toolbar include Select, Draw, Type, Paint, Modify, and Navigate tools.

Further, the software allows users to import files of 20+ formats including Adobe Illustrator (ai, ait), Adobe (.fxg), AutoCAD (.dxf, .dwg), CorelDraw (cdr), GIF, JPEG, PNG, Photoshop (.psd) and many more.

Also, the export or save file formats include Adobe Illustrator (ai, ait), Photoshop (.psd), AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf), Flash (.swf), TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and many more.

Step by Step Guide to Download, Install and License Illustrator CC 2019

There are a few simple steps one can follow to get the illustrator trial version, full version, or student version. However, the Illustrator CC Trial version is available as Illustrator CC for iPad and Windows both.

Step 1: One-Click Download Sources

So, the following sources provide the setup file of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 to download and install.

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GetintoPC Team – Credits: Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Setup

FileHippo Team – Credits: Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Setup

Step 2: Signup to Adobe Account (For Official Download)

Adobe account is required to download any product as a student version or trial. So, please visit Signup to Adobe Account to learn steps on how to create an Adobe account.

Step 3: Go to Adobe Official Website and Choose the Plan

Firstly, click here to visit Adobe’s official website to download the Illustrator Trial version for students and businesses. Moreover, click on the “Start Free Trial” button to proceed further.

Thus, choose the individual, business, or students & teachers plan and click on the “Start Trial” button to go to the final step. After that, enter your Adobe’s Registered email address and click on the “Continue” button.

Choose the Pricing Plan and Enter Email Address to Download Adobe Illustrator Trial

Step 4: Download the Illustrator CC Setup

Finally, Adobe Creative Cloud app will install in the browser. Open the App as an extension and click on “Download Trial”.

After that, when the download will get complete status will change to install/ Then, after installation to open.

Download and Install Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 using Creative Cloud

Step 5: Illustrator CC 2019 Installation

After getting the Adobe Illustrator setup file from any of the one-click resources. The first step is to turn off antivirus real-time protection and internet connection.

Then, extract the downloaded file using any compression tool. After that, navigate to the setup file and right-click to open as administrator.

So, on the pop-up installation window. Choose the language and installation location and press continue to proceed ahead.

Finally, the installation process will start and close the pop-up message on completion.

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Step 6: Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Launch

Finally, it’s all set for the first launch of Illustrator 2019. So, open the start menu of windows and under recent installations, Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 icon will appear. Click on the icon to launch.

Launch Illustrator CS6

It will take a while to load files for Illustrator CC into RAM and on the launch, an alert message will pop-up to inform about new short key settings.

So, create the new AI file or open any previous project to enter into the Adobe Illustrator interface.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Installation Video (Install and License)

For step by step video guide on how to download, install, and register the Adobe Illustrator 2019. So, follow the link given below.

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Unique Tutorials Team – Credits: Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Tutorial (Installation and Activation Video)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Online

Due to the extensive use of Illustrator CC in vector graphics work. It has become vital to make availability of the tool easier for its users.

So, one can simply go online, upload the file, and can start using several Adobe Illustrator tools without the need of installing the software into the PC directory.

Thus, many third-party online sites allow using Adobe Illustrator Online. Further, they have a similar interface of Adobe Illustrator along with a large variety of tools for editing.

So, one of the best websites for this purpose is Photopea and Vectr. Pictorial step by step guide for using PhotoPea Online Illustrator and Vectr is as below;

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Top New Features

Adobe adds a variety of new and enhanced features in every release of the new version of Illustrator CC.

Moreover, Illustrator CC 2019 What’s New documents covers all the features that have been newly added or update in Illustrator CC new version.

For Instance, below are the few of the Top New Features of Illustrator CC 2019 in comparison to 2018, 2017 and 2016 versions.

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  1. Freeform Gradients: The new form of gradient allows to drop of color points on the object to form new rick and complex color blends.
  2. Global Edits: It allows users to globally find, select, and edit similar objects like logos and icons. Global edits allow editing like color change, font styling, shape edit, and rotate.
  3. Custom Toolbar: This feature lets the user make a toolbar of its own choice from 80+ illustrator tools.
  4. Adobe Fonts Integration: This feature integrates the Illustrator CC to use 14,000+ fonts of Adobe Font database.
  5. Path Simplification: It makes the selection of complex and intricate artwork easier with an enriched and intuitive user interface.
  6. Auto Spell-check: It helps to check the spelling in artwork like book, brochure, resume, or poster.
  7. Background Save and Export: Now the save and export feature of illustrator artwork works in the background and users can continue working and don’t have to wait for its completion.
  8. Faster and Quick Effects: Significant improvement in the implementation of effects like glow, blur, and drop shadow on images or objects.
  9. Other Enhancements: Scalable Interface, True-Size View, External GPU Support, Trim View, and Presentation Mode.

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Further, Click here to get the Illustrator CC Prices for different User Categories and License Types.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 System Requirements (Windows and macOS)

There are certain prerequisites to fulfill before proceeding for Illustrator CC. Therefore, to successfully install and run Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 on windows. Please verify the following basic system requirements before installation.

Further, are you going to buy a new machine for your graphic design work? Check out Photoshop CC 2019 Minimum Requirements, After Effects CC 2019 Minimum Requirements, and Premiere Pro CC 2019 Minimum Requirements before deciding the final specification of your system.

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Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64-bit). But clouds documents are not supported. Also, the 32-bit version of Windows 7 is no longer supported.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 March 2018 update (64-bit) version 1803 or later. But, not compatible with the Windows 10 versions 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, and 1709.
  • MacOS version 10.15, 10.14 & 10.13. (Catalina, Mojave & High Sierra)

Processor and Memory

  • Multicore Intel Processes (64-bit Support) or AMD Athlon 64 Processor. So, any multicore process system such as Dual Core, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 & Core i9 is compatible.
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM. However, 16 GB RAM is recommended for a better experience.

Graphics Card and Resolution

  • Minimum Monitor Resolution of 1024 x 768. However, the 1920 x 1080 is recommended for the best experience.
  • Also, Illustrator Touch Workspace is compatible with a monitor/tablet with Windows 10 only.

The following Windows GPU is compatible with running Illustrator performance features.

  • Quadro Series (K, P, M, T, RTX 4000)
  • Quadro Series (2xxx, 2xxxD, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xx, 6xxx)
  • GeForce GTX Series (4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 9xx, Titan)
  • HD Graphics Series (4600, 5000, 6000)
  • Iris Graphics Series (5000, Pro 5000, 6000)
  • Radeon Graphics Series (R7, R9, HD 7000, HD 8000)
  • FirePro Graphics Series (V, W)

Disk, OpenGL, GPU Performance and Internet

  • Basically, 2 GB of hard-disk space is required for Adobe Illustrator installation. However, the temporary files of setup during installation requires additional space. Also, it is recommended to use SSD drives for the best user experience.
  • OpenGL 4.0 or Greater
  • GPU Performance requires a minimum of 1 GB VRAM. However, 4 GB is recommended.
  • The Mac OS 10.13.5 or above supports the eGPU performance feature.
  • Internet connection is required and necessary for the registration process. Also, registration, validation, cloud, and access to online services require the internet.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Tutorials! Complete Course

Adobe Illustrator comes with tons of professional tools that require proper training to get the best output. Although, there are thousands of video courses and tutorials available across the internet and YouTube.

However, our recommendation for learning Adobe Illustrator as beginners or advanced tools is the GFx Mentor YouTube channel. This channel is providing quality content for learning Adobe Illustrator.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the channel right now to develop Illustrator 2019 skills as per your desired place and time.

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GFx Mentor – Credits: Adobe Illustrator! Complete Course for Beginners and Professionals

Adobe Illustrator CC Installation Errors Troubleshooting

The installation of Illustrator/Photoshop CC and CS versions is very simple. However, sometimes due to the incompatibility of the system and other reasons, the installation process faces several errors.

Further, each installation failure has a separate error code and description for identification. So, the correct steps can be taken for rectification of the problem.

Thus, the most common installation and updates error codes for Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 are:

Error: The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged, Download the installer file again.

The installation cannot continue as the installer file

Solution: There are multiple reasons for this type of error. This error is most common for Mac OS users. So, one can simply try to redownload the setup again.

However, if the error still exists, please download the “Adobe Damaged Installer”. Further, you can easily find it on the internet or simply leave a comment to get the required file.

Error Code 190: System Requirements not met. See the minimum system requirements for more details.

Adobe Illustrator Installation Failed Error Code 190

Solution 1: This error occurs due to the incompatibility of the software with system requirements. Thus, please read the Adobe Illustrator minimum system requirement provided in this article.

Solution 2: Navigate to installation Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Adobe > Adobe Desktop Common > HDBox.

Further, right-click on the “Setup.exe” file and choose “properties” from the dropdown list.

Go to the “compatibility” tab on the popup window, enable the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and click on the “OK” button.

Moreover, repeat these steps for Set-up.exe and for the below file:
Directory Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Adobe > Adobe Desktop Common > ADS and File “Adobe Desktop Service”.

Finally, update the compatibility of “Set-up” from installation media before running it for the installation of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019.

Furthermore, if you are still facing any problem. Write your query in the comment section and we will assist you in a successful installation.

Error Code 72: Sorry Installation Failed, there seems to be a problem with downloaded files(s).

Adobe Installation Failed Error Code 72

Solution: Some file of the installation media is missing or corrupt. Please download the setup again.

Error Code 145: There was a problem installing an illustrator. File already exists on the path. Rename/delete the file and then try again.

Illustrator Update Failed Error Code 145

Solution: This error code occurs while updating the software. As some of the installation files exist in the installation folder. So, try to install the update in some other folder or change the rename/delete the previous installation directory.

Furthermore, if you are still facing any problem. Write your query in the comment section and we will assist you in a successful installation.

Error Code 195: Sorry Installation Failed. Upgrade needed, you must upgrade/update your system to install the product. Please check the following.

Sorry Installation Failed Adobe Error Code 195

Solution: This type of error occurs due to the incompatibility of software with the system specifications.

Thus, the error shows the incompatible requirement such as Windows 10 (Version 1703 or later) is a minimum requirement while your system has some previous version of the Windows.

So, just update your Windows version to install Adobe Illustrator successfully.

Furthermore, if you are still facing any problem. Write your query in the comment section and we will assist you in a successful installation.

Error Code 183: Update Failed! The encountered issue in updating Creative Cloud. Please try again.

Adobe Update Failed Error Code 183

Solution: So, just update the compatibility settings of all the executable (.exe) files of installation directory folders and subfolders to “Run this program as an administrator”.

Thus, just write click on each .exe file, go to properties, compatibility tab, and enable the run this program as an administrator option.

Furthermore, if you are still facing any problem. Write your query in the comment section and we will assist you in a successful installation.

Finally, it was all about “Adobe Illustrator CC 2019“. For more details about the Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, comment below or leave a query via the contact us page. Also, keep on visiting us to learn more about Adobe products.