Free Agile Project Management Tools and Templates

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Jawad Ahmad

Free Agile Project Management Tools and Templates

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Agile Project management is a kind of project management. It uses agile software development. Also, agile is an advanced project management approach. And companies use it to manage their projects.

The agile project template is different from other traditional project management techniques. The most common approach related to the level of details has feature-based nature and ownership by the team.

Generally, project plans consist of a list of deliverables, task duration, and dependencies. Also, these plans rely on the assumptions of the project managers and project teams.

These project plans consist of estimates about everything about the durations, activities, and accountable persons. If you love to overhaul your approach towards project more efficient, agile project management is the best solution.

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Agile Project Plan

Agile Project Plan Template

You can use the project plan template in Excel and MS for any general software development project run in an Agile manner. Agile project plan refers to the approach that evaluates sprint of iteration about how much they can do work using these sprints.

Moreover, the agile software development project plan describes which project task is done by which sprint. And this estimation helps us make a repeatable process to complete a task. Also, this method reduces the time and cost.

And also the working staff can take guidance about accomplishing their projects. Further, the agile project plan template helps the project managers move on to the project’s basis of features.

The main focus of the agile schedule template is on the delivery of features and iterative information methodology. Moreover, in the agile approach, you can make assumptions so that you don’t know anything about the situation after a while in the future.

However, you can make a decent estimate about the delivery of tasks depending on the features’ priority matrix. Also, you can build a timeframe based on the functional ability of the project team.

The Principles of Agile

Agile project schedule template follows twelve fundamental principles. These principles are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction is always on priority. And you can achieve it through rapid and on-time delivery.
  • It would help if you adopted changing environments at any stage of the process as it provides the customer a competitive advantage.
  • The real indicator of success is the final working product.
  • For project performance, face-to-face meetings are the most successful and productive format.
  • For optimal project performance, all stakeholders and team members remain empowered, while teams are provided with all the required resources and support and are trusted to achieve project objectives.
  • Attain sustainable development through agile processes in which development teams and stakeholders can maintain a steady pace.
  • Simplicity is essential.
  • Increase agility through a continuous focus on proper design and technical excellence.
  • It is most likely that self-organizing teams can build the best architectures and designs and meet requirements.
  • Teams use frequent intervals to maximize productivity by fine-tuning

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Focal Points within Agile

The Agile manifesto gives the world the concepts and ideas that agile project management practiced. The three primary focal points inside Agile also exist:

Trust is the cornerstone, both internal and external, for all relationships. Collaboration and not contract agreements should concentrate on partnerships. You can read quality project plans as well.

Organizations have both the qualities of being in disorder and order. Therefore, companies are’ chordic. The primary emphasis is first on individuals and relationships and second on processes.

Features of Agile Project Plan

The Agile project planning approach is incredibly beneficial. This approach provides an ability to react and adapt to any issue when it arises throughout the project’s life.

There are a few differences between traditional project management techniques and Agile project planning; Firstly, the agile project plan defines the activities, dependencies, and duration of any project.

Also, it makes assumptions based on project features. In comparison, the traditional project management system relies on the assumptions made by understanding the project team and managers.

Secondly, the agile project plan is beneficial for the project with limited resources or a limited budget. As the ability to make essential changes to a project at the ideal time can save resources and deliver s successful project.

Moreover, the agile project plan provides detailed information about a short timeframe for which the project team can estimate the situation. This repetition is repeated several times over the whole project lifespan.

Further, this repetition period relies on the functional ability and ranking of the project team’s features. With time situation arranges, and the project team changes.

By concluding, in a traditional project management approach, team and project managers use all the available resources directly.

Making a detailed Agile project plan forecasts all events and risks in the project planning stage. You can use project plan templates for this purpose.

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Elements of Agile Project Plan Template

Here are the main elements of the agile project template:

  • The agile project plan template is base on sprints and release. So, the release describes the development of the new product or services. In comparison, we call the iteration of each release a sprint.
  • These sprints consist of user stories for a short timeframe with detailed information on the work.
  • Further, The roles of the project executives and team are consumer stories.
  • It has a list of assigned tasks for the project team. And Describes the results and warnings of problems for project managers.
  • The main characteristic of the agile project plan template is its iterative and gradual design. This approach allows the team to learn about their speed, challenges to success, and capabilities.
  • Moreover, It allows the project team to engage in the project’s preparation and estimation process actively.

Phases of Agile Project Plan Template

There are seven phases of agile software development project plan template:

  • Recognition of Agile Product Vision
  • Formation of Agile Product Roadmap Plan
  • Formation of the Agile Release Plan
  • Agile Iterations Review
  • The makeup of Plan Agile Sprints
  • Plan Daily Agile Scrum Meetings
  • Agile Iterations Retrospective

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Phases of Agile Project Plan

Tips on the Agile Planning Process

Although the software industry may be most associated with this approach, you can now have an objective path to the end target with an elegant sprint planning template excel.

Here are some scheduling tips for your agile project plan template ms project.

  • Plan accurately in detail. I recommend you to write your schedule in detail several weeks ahead, but not several months.
  • Always question the use of Gantt charts. However, don’t use these charts further. As a replacement, you can use the irritation list as they are more valuable.
  • Actively involve all team members in the scheduling process.
  • The agile projects for the entire team need to do the planning. So don’t just assign work to people, instead let them choose their work.
  • Further, try to organize your project into short iterations. Through short iterations, you can provide the actual evidence that your project team is going towards development.
  • Moreover, always choose a requirement based approach. It would be great for a project team to schedule their actual work according to the length of iteration.
  • Lastly, pick an approach that is appropriate for you. And that approach
    should reflect your environment.

Agile Project Planning Process

Creating an agile project plan ppt takes five simple steps:

Create the User Story

In this phase, answer the question, “what does the user story need?” and do it straightforwardly.

Story Estimation

It is straightforward to estimate the effort it will need in a session that should include the team’s product owner and members. Also, use story points to measure the steps you will need.


Now it is time to prioritize the stories which you choose. In this step, the whole team will participate. And you can complete it by assigning everyone the choice with a point. And then see which one gets the most voting. These story items are in the product backlog.

Release the plan

In agile project planning steps, a “release” is when you rank the higher ranked stories by their priority. Again, in this phase, all team participates.

Sprint Iteration

Typically, in this phase, the team will have a sprint planning meeting to go over the production backlog objects. The team will choose high priority stories, divide them into chunks, and then assign them. The agile sprint planning template excel is best for doing this.

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Agile Project Planning Process

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Agile Project Plan

Do agile projects have project plans?

Agile projects need a project plan. The difference in a project plan for an Agile project is that once you complete this high-priority planning, the team will plan only the primary sprint in detail. After completing each sprint, you will schedule the details of the next sprint.

How do you plan an agile project?

The agile project plan includes:

1. Control the project objectives.
2. Collect the project requirements.
3. Explain the project scope on a work level.
4. Categorize dependencies between activities.
5. Estimate work exertion and dependencies.
6. Make the overall schedule and budget.
7. Take approval.
8. Baseline the plan.

What does an agile plan look like?

An agile project plan divides into releases and sprints. And each release is fragmented into several sprints. Then, each iteration has a fixed length. And the team has a predefined deliverable to work through in each sprint.

What are the 3 key elements of agile methodology?

Typically, the three key things that will allow the project to be proficient are collaboration, constant focus on value, and proper quality level.

Does scrum forbid a project plan?

The Scrum Guide declares that “Each Sprint may be considered a project” and that “The Sprint Backlog is a plan.”

Are Gantt charts agile?

Gantt charts are a simple, graphical way to trace tasks across the lifecycle of a project. In Agile, teams are making sprints, which are short groups of related tasks. A Gantt chart is a useful way to seize and plan this work.

What are the 4 values of agile?

The Agile consists of four fundamental values:

1. Individuals and collaborations over processes and tools.
2. Working software over complete documentation.
3. Customer collaboration over contract arbitration.
4. Reacting to change over following a plan.

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