Development, Simulation and Miscellaneous


Development and Simulation Software

The development and Simulation software is used in almost all types of engineering disciplines for numerical iterative analysis, design processing, and engineering simulation.

Further, the development tools provide a desktop and numerical environment for iterative analysis and design processes using a programming language. While the simulation tools help to design, test, and operate the 2D or 3D model of a product.

Also, development and Simulation software has important industrial applications where the penalty of failure is costly. Such as airplane design analysis, jet engine simulation, structural design analysis, and nuclear weapons simulation.
Miscellaneous Software
It includes all categories of software that are somehow helpful for the user. Like tools available to maintain the basic, advanced, or properly functionality of Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Further, tools helpful in basic education, and advanced field-specific skills.

Thus, it includes the following educational and business software categories and many more in this section: Accounting, Analytics, Business analysis, Chemistry, CNC Machines, Education, Engineering, ERP Systems, Data processing, Manufacturing, Management, Maths, Office Tools, and PLC Programming.

Similarly, it includes the following computing software categories: Antivirus, Backup and Data Recovery, Browsers, CD DVD Tools, Converters, Desktop, Disk Managers, Download Managers, Drivers, File Sharing, Multimedia, Operating Systems, Screen Recording, Security, and Webcam.