6+ Free Building Construction Progress Report Samples [XLS]

A construction progress report template is a document helpful for the construction site engineers to create daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports of the construction project.

In this article, you can understand the basics of the construction progress report samples and free download the excel templates.

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What is a Construction Progress Report Template Excel?

A progress report in construction projects works as a backbone to ensure success. There are many formats of progress and status reports for building construction in excel.

However, all the progress report templates work for the same goal to provide a sheet that can fulfill the following purposes.

  1. It must help to analyze the health and status of the construction project.
  2. The site engineers must see completed, in-progress, and upcoming tasks.
  3. It must include information about the status of project components such as scope, budget, quality, and schedule.
  4. It should also display the status of project milestones.

Also, sometimes it is important to include a 2 Week Look Ahead Schedule in the project progress report. Further, the project managers need to compile the Project Closet Report.

So, check out our completes guide on Project Reporting and Closure Templates.

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Important of Construction Progress Report Excel [XLS]

A construction project is always plagued with problems to halt the performance of project components. So, real-time tracking of the construction project is essential.

Thus, the project managers use construction project progress and status reports for effective monitoring and tracking of the project performance.

So, the project managers can take timely steps for improvement in case of any abnormality in the project quality, budget, or timeline.

Although, the project managers always have a stakeholder communication plan to hold daily, weekly, and monthly meetings with investors and contractors.

However, the use of a stakeholder’s proper communication strategy is very important.

Thus, the project managers generate multiple reports with a different frequency to share the health status of construction project progress.

So, all the key stakeholders must stay updated and know their role in the in-progress of upcoming activities.

For this purpose, the project team creates a daily construction progress report template to update the status of the project to their seniors.

This report includes information about daily incidents, highlights of tasks, and project components.

However, weekly and monthly construction progress report template is helpful to update the building construction project status to the stakeholders such as contractors and sponsors.

A team of engineers does an extensive round of construction site to note the observations. Thus, the following reports are created based on the site engineers’ observations:

  1. Construction Progress Report
  2. Building Construction Status Report
  3. Daily Observation Report
  4. Weekly Construction Progress Report Template
  5. 2 Week Look Ahead Schedule Template
  6. Monthly Construction Progress Report Template
  7. Construction Activity Report Template

The building construction progress report sample is helpful for on-site engineers, project teams, and project managers.

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Free Download Construction Progress Report Template Excel Samples

Weekly Project Status Report Template
Spotlight Project Status Report
Monthly Project Status Report Template
Construction Project Tasks Status Report

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Construction Progress Report Template
Daily Progress Report

Benefits of Construction Progress and Status Report Excel Template

A progress report in a construction project is essential. It’s a key element of the construction project stakeholder engagement and management plan.

Thus, the frequency of construction progress or status reports is defined after a joint meeting with all the potential stakeholders.

The on-site engineers represent the daily construction progress report format to project managers. So, this specific construction progress report format is understandable for all the stakeholders.

However, it is mainly related to the project managers to understand what is going on on the building construction site daily.

While the weekly construction progress report format is useful for contractors. As the contractors have to arrange the resources for the in-progress and upcoming tasks.

So, the format of the weekly construction progress report template is helpful for them to understand the upcoming of human and equipment resources.

Finally, the monthly construction progress report format is useful to communicate with other stakeholders.

This monthly progress report of construction projects helps the project team to update the status of the project to investors and owners.

Thus, monthly progress reports in building construction projects include information about the project overall health, and the health of project components such as budget, scope, quality, timeline, and resources.

Component of Building Construction Progress Report Template

There are many formats of a progress report for construction projects. Each building construction progress report sample includes a different detail of information.

Thus, it is important to understand the purpose of the progress report for the construction project. So, the right set of information can be included to make it helpful for the target audience.

A basic range of construction project progress report includes information about the daily progress description, project health, project tasks, project components health, daily highlights, and incidents report.

Thus, the construction site engineers, project team, and project managers include the following elements in progress and status report of building construction.

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Date and Time

As the construction project progress report is created for daily, weekly, and monthly formats.

Therefore, it’s very important to mention the date and time of the report. So, the audience must understand that the stated information and status is relevant to the mentioned date.

Report Number

Building construction projects are very long-term projects. So, the project managers report on the project progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Thus, there are hundreds of reports for a single project. Sometimes it becomes hard to find a report even the date is mentioned on it.

Because many reports are generated daily. Therefore, it’s a good practice to mention unique report ID or report numbers on each report.

Further, the project managers usually choose a nomenclature that combines project ID with serial number to make a report number. It helps to differentiate between the reports of multiple projects.

For example, the 20th report of an ABC project should mention the report number as ABC-20.

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Project Summary

There are many purposes for making a project report. A project progress report is shared with customers, sponsors, and contractors.

So, it must include a clear description of the project in terms of the project name, project ID, and project manager name.

It helps the reader to quickly understand that the report is relevant to the specific project. So, it won’t confuse the contractors and investors. Also, eliminate the chance of error.

Planned vs Actual

The main reason for the project progress report is to track the project’s health and performance in comparison to the project plan.

So, the project’s actual progress and status in terms of timeline, quality, and budget are compared with the baselines created in the project plan.

Project Progress Summary

A summary of the overall analysis given in the building construction monthly progress report sample should be included.

It engages the readers and helps to quickly understand the point of interest. So, the reader may navigate to details if required.

Project Budget Status

It is very important to provide information about the budget components of the project. So, the progress report sample includes the details and summary about if the project is over, under, or on budget.

Updated Timeline

The updated project schedule of the project must present along with the baseline schedule. So, the stakeholders should know the status of the project is on schedule or beyond schedule.

Weekly Look Ahead Schedule

A 2 Week or 3 Week look ahead schedule template is useful to add in the construction progress report sample.

It helps the report audience to understand what’s coming next. So, a two-week lookahead schedule is obtained from the overall schedule.

Milestones Status

It’s effective to include a summary of milestones in the form of achieved and coming next.

On-Site Photography

Photographic comparison of the before and after is very helpful to observe the progress of construction works.

Therefore, it is recommended to include progress photos in the building construction progress report template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions in the FAQ list of building construction progress report sample [XLS]. However, the basic ones are:

What is the Construction Progress Report?

A construction progress report provides an update about the latest status of the building construction project to key stakeholders such as project managers, investors, and contractors.

What information is present on the Construction Progress Report?

A simple construction project progress report must provide information about the project’s overall health, project components health, and project task status.

What is the use of the Weekly Construction Progress Report?

The weekly building construction project progress report is most important for the onsite team and contractors.
As it includes weekly look ahead schedule to understand coming activities and arrange resources accordingly.

Which construction progress report is for Customers, Owners, or Investors?

The monthly construction progress report is most relevant to present in front of investors, owners, and customers. This project progress report provides details about the project status.

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