7+ Free Cash Flow Templates for Construction Projects

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Jawad Ahmad

7+ Free Cash Flow Templates for Construction Projects

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A construction project cash flow template excel is a document helps to create the daily, weekly, and monthly cash flow statement of a construction project.

So, it provides a preformatted sheet to fill in the update information of the business cash flows.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking a solution or original advice for creating an Excel Cash Flow Statement for a company. I’ll outline a few quick steps and provide a free Excel template for a cash flow statement for a  company. This article will walk you through each stage with appropriate examples so you can use them to accomplish your goal easily. First, let’s go on to the article’s primary discussion.

In this article, you can understand the basics of the construction cash flow statement and free download the excel templates.

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Construction Contractor Cash Flow Forecast Featured Image

Definition of Cash Flow Statement.

The cash movement received or paid by the company is summarised in the cash flow statement. It evaluates how effectively a business manages its cash flow to cover investments, operating costs, and loans. Along with the income statement and balance sheet, it constitutes one of the fundamental components of financial statements.

It consists of each cash transaction related to how the business is run. Hence, it contains the following:

  • Sales income
  • Account Receivable
  • Purchase of Inventory
  • Administrative Expense
  • Salary & Wages
  • Interest Paid on Loans
  • Income Tax Paid
  • Depreciation

It includes the money spent for investing purposes. Cash flow can be increased by selling assets and decreased by acquiring additional ones. Additionally, the business can increase its investment to acquire another business through a merger or share purchase. The cash flow from investments will take into account. There are also several additional categories, including:

  • Property or Machinery sold
  • Principal of Loans
  • Investment Securities Sold
  • Property or Machinery Bought
  • Loans Given
  • Investment Securities Purchased

What is a Construction Project Cash Flow Template Excel?

A construction project cash flow spreadsheet is a document useful to create the construction project cash flow statement. A cash flow statement is one of the basic financial sheets of any business or project.

Further, it maintains the record of all the financial cash inflows and cash outflows for a particular time.

So, the net cash flow is calculated to reconcile the cash on hand at start and cash on hand plus accounts receivables at the end of the period.

Generally speaking, these records serve as a record of both the influx and distribution of funds. In addition, you can discern information about the status of your budget by using documents like cash flow analysis and cash flow template excel.

The information you learn from these documents is priceless since it helps you decide whether to reduce expenses, make a few improvements, or stick with the current setup.

The corporate world and the building sector are not that dissimilar in terms of principles. As a result, some financial management guidelines are applicable to small businesses and building proposal creation.

A construction cash flow document can shine in this situation by assisting you in developing a sound action plan that either isn’t too expensive or generates more revenue than it costs.

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Cash Flow Statement Essentials

Operating Procedures

The day-to-day operations include selling goods, buying inventory, paying employees’ salaries, and covering operating costs. Therefore, it may be argued that the most important line on the cash flow statement is the Net Cash Flow from the Operations line. This area of the Income Statement links to the Current Assets and Current Liabilities sections of the Balance Sheet and the Revenue and Expenses section.

Financial Operations

Borrowing money from lenders and repaying loans, issuing and repurchasing stock, obtaining funding from owners and investors, and paying cash dividends are all financing activities. As a result, this statement section is related to the Long-Term Liabilities and Owners’ Equity from the Balance Sheet.

Assume you have a complete record of every monetary transaction. The basic process of grouping the receipts and payments into the three categories outlined above may then be used to generate the cash flow statement.

I will try to describe how to prepare or evaluate the cash flow statement further. Furthermore, the balance sheet and income statement data can also be utilized to generate the statement of cash flows using the indirect approach.

Investing Activities.

Purchasing and selling assets like real estate and Machinery, lending money to others and collecting the interest, and buying and selling investment instruments are all examples of investing activities. Therefore, the Long-Term Assets area of the balance sheet is connected to this statement section.

How does it work?

Operating, Investing, and Financing Activities make up the three main components of this cash flow statement template. In addition, each part features pre-filled line items that are normal and pertinent for a public company, such as Depreciation, Net Acquisitions, and Stock Issuance. Every company, though, is unique. Therefore, individual line item categories in this adaptable template can and should be changed to meet the requirements of your unique business.

Enter the expense for each category in its row after making the necessary modifications to the categories to suit your company. For example, if the one worksheet offers a monthly template, the other worksheet offers an annual one. Copy the last column of the statement to the right and make the necessary changes to your spreadsheet to add additional years or months.

A subtotal for the three primary areas (Operations, Investments, and Financing) will compute the net cash flow for that particular group of operations. Then, these three subtotals are added together to determine your company’s overall Net Cash Flow.

A different perspective on the amount of cash your company may have available is provided by free cash flow, which is calculated by deducting your capital expenditures from your operating activities.

Use of a cash flow statement template is advantageous to whom?

Poor cash flow management is responsible for 82% of failed small enterprises. Although 82% of bankrupt small enterprises would be correct, 100% might be attributed to poor cash flow management.

Using a cash flow forecast template to guide your budget is similar to how farmers plan irrigation for their crops based on the weather. In both situations, you’re hoping for continued growth while also making sure you have the power to make it rain if necessary.

Companies seeking possible investors

Potential investors will almost surely ask for a cash flow analysis before handing you a bag of money to ensure your business is financially stable. Given the high number of businesses that fail each year due to inadequate cash flow management, savvy investors—those with a lot of money—often seek a cash flow statement before making an investment choice.

Organizations with debt

The quantity of money your company has on hand to settle debts while still covering operating expenses is typical of high interest to creditors. Therefore, saying, “But on paper, we have a big annual revenue”, is insufficient.

Businesses that want to stay around for another year

It is insufficient to keep track of your revenue and expense sheets merely. A cash flow template is crucial for every organization since it lets you know you’ll have cash on hand when needed.

Importance of Construction Cash Flow Template Excel [XLS]

The cash flow statement is one of the “Big Three” income statements for corporations, together with the income and cash balances. In contrast to income and balance sheets, which show you how much money you are producing and how much you have, cash flow statements explain where the funds are coming from, where it is going, and how much actual cash is accessible.

Cash flow is the most important and basic financial sheet of any project or business. The information received from the project cash flow template helps the account team to create the company balance sheet.

Moreover, cash flow is the backbone of any business. A business can only survive if it has a consistent cash flow. Only cash outflow will cause the project out of money.

So, the project would be able to perform its activities at all or planned pace. Further, the project managers monitor the cash inflows of a project to see manage the funds received from the investors.

Also, the construction cash flow Excel XLS helps the project managers to justify the use of money to investors. So, it enables project managers to request the release of more funds.

Furthermore, project cash flow management is important to maintain the discipline of money management and transparency. Thus, the project managers monitor cash flow statement XLS on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The construction project cash flow analysis helps the project managers to identify the held payments. So, the project managers can send reminders to investors for the release of funds on time.

Thus, the cash flow template Excel to maintain the smooth availability of funds for the construction project.

Also, project managers use a construction cash flow forecast template in the project planning stage to initiate planning the fund’s release timeline. This construction cash flow sample is presented to investors for understanding.

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Formats of Construction Cash Flow Statement in Excel

There are several formats to create a cash flow statement for a construction project. A simple project may use more than one format for different reasons.

Thus, the use of daily, weekly, and monthly project cash flow template XLS is very common in construction projects.

However, the construction cash flow forecast template is also used at a particular stage during project planning. Thus, the project managers use the following construction cash flow excel templates:

  1. Construction Project Cash Flow Sample
  2. Construction Project Cash Flow Calculator
  3. Cash Flow Analysis Template for Construction Project
  4. Construction Cash Flow Forecast Template
  5. Construction Project Cash Flow Template Excel XLS

Further, some project needs to use cash flow s-curve template excel spreadsheet in construction. As it helps the project managers to track the cash in and cash outflow along with the required cash for a specific period.

Construction Project Daily Cash Flow Statement Template

A daily construction cash flow template is important to monitor. As a construction project involves a lot of contractors.

Also, it requires tons of resources to perform even a single activity. So, daily monitoring of construction project cash flows is very important.

Thus, daily cash inflows and cash outflows of a construction project are managed using a daily cash flow template for a construction project.

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Construction Monthly Cash Flow Plan Excel Template

A monthly cash flow plan for the construction project is mainly for investors. As it’s not viable for project managers to generate a request for fund release on a daily or weekly basis.

Thus, the project managers share the forecast of cash flows in the construction project progress report template. Also, construction project managers monitor the budget requirement every month.

So, the overall requirement of funds is calculated and deficit with cash on hand is requested from the investors to fulfill the requirement.

The project managers use a cash flow forecasting template to forecast the cash inflows and cash outflows for the specific period.

Components of Construction Project Cash Flow Spreadsheet

A cash flow statement in a construction project is pretty similar to the cash flow spreadsheet of any business or project.

So, it records all the cash inflows and cash outflow of a project on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It helps to find any disparity and also serves many other purposes.

There are the following main components of a cash flow template in excel for a construction project.

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Cash Inflow

The cash inflows of a project are the payments received from the customers or investors. So, the construction project cash inflow payments are contracted on a progress basis.

Thus, the client releases funds as the project progresses for the completion of work. Further, cash inflow is equal to cash receipts or income.

So, it includes everything such as cash sales, customer account collections, funds, tax, refund, and other cash receipts.

However, the clients and investors look at the value of actually performed on the construction site to release cash.

Cash Outflow

Cash outflows of a construction project involve the depletion of cash as expenditures to perform a certain activity.

At the very beginning the upfront cost, initial expenses, or startup cost is the necessary expenditures to start the project. It includes the cost of moving labor and equipment on the site.

Also, it includes the erection of field offices, fences, storage sheds, and site layout. Further, a project site also requires startup expenses for water, electricity, telephone, and sanitary arrangements for a temporary basis.

All the construction project costs are divided into different subheads. Startup expenses, operating expenses, utility expenses, payrolls, contractual expenses, and sub-contractual expenses are major heads of construction project expenditures.

Net Cash Flow

The project cash flow spreadsheet in construction project includes different findings for analysis. One of the findings of the project cash flow template excel is net cash flow.

It is calculated by subtracting the total cash outflows from the total cash inflows. So, the positive value of the net cash flow of the construction project indicates the expenditures are less than cash receipts for a particular period.

Similarly, the negative value of the net cash flow indicates that expenditures are more than cash receipts for a particular period.

Net Cash Flow = Total Cash Inflows – Total Cash Outflows

Cash on Hand or Starting Balance

Cash on hand is the amount available at the beginning of a specific period for the construction project. So, the beginning balance is important to include in the construction cash flow excel template.

Closing Balance or Closing Cash

The ultimate finding of the cash flow statement for any project is the closing balance of a project after a specific time. So, it includes net cash flows and starting cash on hand to calculate the closing balance.

Thus, the following formulas are helpful to calculate the closing balance and closing cash of a construction project.

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Closing or Ending Balance = Cash on hand + Cash inflows – Cash outflows

Monthly Closing = Beginning Balance + Total Accounts Receivable – Total Accounts Payable

Closing or Ending Balance = Cash on hand + Net Cash Flow

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Free Download Construction Project Cash Flow Template Excel Samples

Templates Free Download provides the following templates to manage daily and monthly accounts of your construction business or project.

Construction Contractor Cash Flow Forecast Template

It is a very basic template to record and forecast the cashflows of construction contractors. It simply enlists total cash inflow for each month and cost of goods sold and other overhead expenses to calculate cash outflows.

Further, contractors can calculate the net cash flow by subtracting cash outflows from the cash inflows.

Finally, the contractor closing balance or cash in hand at the end of the month equates by adding net cash flow and account starting balance.

Construction Contractor Cash Flow Forecast

Simple Cash Flow Template

A simple cash flow template of a construction project helps to calculate the monthly net cash flow and closing balance of the month. Also, it compares the current period results with the previous period results.

Cash Inflows includes cash sales, accounts receivables, loans, tax refund, and other cash receipts. Similarly, the cash outflow breakup includes the cost of goods sold and several operating and non-operating expenditures.

Finally, the net cash flow and monthly closing KPIs are formulated for auto-calculation.

Construction Project Simple Cash Flow Template

Daily Cash Flow Template

The daily cash flow template is pretty similar to a simple cash flow template. It includes all the KPIs such as cash inflows, cash outflows, cost of goods sold, operating expenditures, net cash flow, and monthly closing.

The daily cash flow spreadsheet Excel XLS allows the accountants to compare all cash flow parameters for each day of the month. However, it is only suitable for developing and small businesses.

Small businesses can compare their day to day performance to quickly make strategies for daily losses. Further, it is not feasible for large organizations to manage the daily cash flow sheet.

Construction Project Daily Cash Flow Template Excel

Monthly Cash Flow Template

The monthly cash flow template is an exact match of the daily cash flow template that differs in comparison to monthly results instead of daily.

Small businesses can use the monthly cash flow sheet for their business long term analysis. However, it is the best choice for large companies to manage their business accounts.

Construction Project Monthly Cash Flow Template Excel

Construction Accounts Payable Spreadsheet

Business models work on different payment strategies. Also, these strategies may vary from supplier to supplier depending on the relationship. So, the accounts team has to maintain a record of all accounts payables.

Each supplier allows a set credit limit. Thus, the accounts team has to ensure the continuous cash flow of payments to stay below the credit limit.

Further, accounts can make a separate sheet for each supplier or a cumulative sheet for account reasons. Accounts payables spreadsheet is important to maintain for the monthly closing of the business.

Construction Accounts Payable Template

Construction Accounts Receivables Spreadsheet

The function of the construction accounts receivables spreadsheet is exactly opposite to the accounts payables spreadsheet. It maintains a record of credit given to the customers.

Similarly, it has several uses in the creation of monthly accounts and credit limit management of customers.

Construction Accounts Receivable Template

Construction Balance Sheet Template

Although balance sheet is a part of accounts cash flow sheet. However, it is a sheet that uses a lot of information from cash flow and above explained spreadsheets.

The accounts team uses monthly closing balance and accounts receivables to calculate the total assets of a company. Similarly, the accounts payables are a part of the total liabilities of a company.

This sheet is important to analyze the stability of business in terms of total assets, total liabilities, and owners’ equity.

Construction Project Balance Sheet Template

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions in the FAQ list of building construction project cash flow excel template [XLS]. However, the basic ones are:

How do you project or forecast cash flow for a construction project?

The following steps are helpful to create cash flow projections in excel for a construction project.

1. Enter the starting balance. At the start, it’s the actual amount of cash on hand or bank account.
2. Estimate the cash inflows expected for the forecasting period.
3. Estimate the cash outflows expected for the forecasting period.
4. Subtract the cash outflows from cash inflows to calculate the net cash flow forecast.
5. Add the cash on hand in net cash flow to find the closing balance of the forecasting period.

How do you Calculate Cash Flow in Excel?

The following steps are helpful to calculate the cash flow in excel for a construction project.

1. Enter the starting balance or cash on hand.
2. Enlist all the cash inflows and do a total.
3. Enlist all the cash outflows and do a total.
4. Subtract cash outflows from cash inflows to calculate net cash flow.
5. Add the net cash flow in starting balance to find the closing balance.

What are the types of Cash Flows for Construction Project?

There are three main categories of cash flows for the construction project. Funds reception, starting expenses, and operating expenses.

What is the formula to Calculate Net Cash Flow and Closing Balance?

The net cash flows are calculated by subtracting the total cash outflows from the total cash inflows. While the closing balance equates to net cash flows plus starting balance.

Finally, it was all about the “Construction Project Cash Flow Spreadsheet”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Project Management.

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