Free Printable Mileage Template Google Sheet

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Free Printable Mileage Template Google Sheet

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A well-maintained mileage template google sheet or log can significantly change workers working in different fields. For example, salespeople, service workers, or anyone who spends a substantial time in their areas, especially if they are self-employed.

Those miles translate into dollars, from your employer or as a deduction from the IRS, and they can add up quickly. You can simplify the task of keeping these expenses in order by using printable mileage templates.

These templates are free, easy to use, and customizable. You can use these mileage-free templates as per your requirements.

Mileage template Google sheet

Many taxpayers and small business owners know (IRS internal revenue service) the requirements, rules, and regulations regarding the different deductions of business-driven expenses, including vehicle mileage and in business.

If the organization or the businessman wants a mileage remembrance scheme, you can use our free templates mileage log template.

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What is a Mileage Log?

A mileage log provides a record of vehicle miles traveled for business over a given period to maintain their documents properly. This documentation may collect reimbursement from an employer or claim mileage as a tax deduction.

Mileage logs may also be used to keep track of other deductible miles, such as those related to travel for medical appointments, when moving as part of work for charitable organizations.

Employers may set their reimbursement rates. While the IRS updates mileage rates each year for taxpayers to follow every year, the taxpayer requirements are updated by (IRS)with minor changes.

If you plan to deduct miles on your tax return, it’s essential to keep a record of mileage daily and maintain accurate records in case of an audit.

A mileage log could be in any form; it can be in the form of a spreadsheet or an online application that helps you keep a record of miles.

Mileage Report Templates

Business Vehicle Mileage Log

This free Excel mileage log provides a simple layout for easy mileage reporting and automatic calculations for daily, total, and rememberable amounts.

It includes columns to list the date and purpose of a trip, start and finish readings and relevant notes about trip details, how the trip and purpose of the trip can provide necessary documentation during an audit. Use this template as a daily and monthly mileage log; it can also help you maintain the yearly data. 

Monthly Mileage Report Form

This monthly mileage report template can be used as a mileage calculator in rememberable form. Template features include sections to list starting and ending locations, daily and total miles driven, employee information, and approval signatures.

In addition, this spreadsheet report can be customized to include whatever details are relevant to your business, including mileage rates. It is available as a free mileage log template Excel, free mileage log template for Word, or simple mileage log template PDF file in which you are comfortable you can make it easier. 

More than just a mileage expense report, this google sheet template can be used for tracking other business travel expenses on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Enter the company and add additional information like date track expanse and other thongs like favorite spot. The problem you face there, expanses, experience everything you can count on our free mileage log google sheet templates.

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12-Month Mileage Log Spreadsheet

Each month gets its mileage log sheet to record daily, monthly, and yearly miles in this template. Keep track of your overall mileage and business miles that can be deducted.

In addition to monthly log sheets, the template provides an annual mileage summary so that you can get a quick overview of where you go and what kind of expenses you pay on this specific trip.

In addition, this template can easily be edited to track other information, such as tolls and additional fees, or personal miles that can be deducted, such as expenses related to moving or medical appointments.

Save these Google Sheets mileage calculators to your Drive account for cloud storage and easy access from a mobile device for saving all your data as you can.

It will create a backup for you for a lifetime whom you can check anywhere you want.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

You can record vehicle maintenance, repairs, and related expenses with this vehicle maintenance log template for Google Sheets.

In addition, you can register your vehicle’s mileage, how the service performs, calculate the actual mileage, and how much time after the service your vehicle demand maintenance. You can use our free vehicle maintenance log template for all these purposes.

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Gas Mileage Log Form

If you are keeping track of business-related gas expenses, this gasoline log can calculate the cost of all three things first is trip based on the distance traveled, second the price of gas, and third your vehicle gas mileage.

This method helps calculate the cost of a trip and track actual expenses. Use this template for your budgeting or to support tax documentation along with receipts. You can use our free gas mileage log form free from here.

Mileage Template Google Sheet for Unemployed

This mileage log template enables you to keep track of the mileage of your car over a year. Also, it mentions the date and time. Moreover, it provides categories for location traveled, odometer, and total mileage.

Blank Mileage Template Google Sheet

This is a simple mileage log template with essential categories such as odometer status, the reason for driving, and the end and total mileage. Also, you may see Printable Workout Log Templates.

Mileage Report Templates

What Business Driving You Deduct?

The most likely candidates for deducting business miles are self-employed individuals who use their vehicles for work purposes, like running a business or renting a car or other facilities that he is running from his items or vehicles.

Employees may also be able to deduct part of the cost of mileage if their employers are not giving them the exact payment total rate set by the IRS.

Also, to track the number of miles driven, you also need to document the purpose of business travel, how much you travel, how much the fuel is consumed.

Here are some types of business vehicle use that allow you exact mileage deductions:

  • Driving from one work location to another, such as an office to another work site
  • Visiting customers or clients outside the office 
  • Going to a business meeting that is away from your workplace 
  • Traveling to a temporary workplace

You may also be able to deduct mileage for job-related work such as picking up supplies and business entertainment like parties or business meetings.

Keep in mind that certain variables may affect how a deduction needs to be claimed, including whether a work location is within your home area or if the travel involves an extended overnight stay.

Check the current IRS rules or consult with a tax accountant to ensure that your deductions are accurate and a person can claim. You can also use this business driving deduction for home or small things. You can use our template for these uses also.

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Standard Mileage Deduction vs. Actual Expenses

There are two ways of calculating the cost of using your vehicle in your business;

1. The Actual Expenses method

2. Standard Mileage method.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and every product has different results. 

If you want to use the standard mileage rate method, you must do so in the first year of using your car for business. In later years you can choose to switch back and forth between the methods from year to year without penalty.

Each year you will have to calculate your expenses both ways and then select the method that gives you less tax and more significant benefits.

The Actual Expenses Method

As the name suggests, the Actual Expenses method requires you to add up all the money spent on your vehicle operations. Then multiply this figure by the percentage of the vehicle business use how much you earn from the vehicle.

Some of the costs you can include in your Actual Expenses are;

  • Lease payments
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Oil consumption 
  • Maintenance (such as oil changes, brake pad replacements, tire rotations, new tires)
  • Vehicle devaluation 

What is the Mileage Reimbursement Rate?

In the beginning, standard mileage rates set by the IRS change from year to year. For 2017, the usual mileage rate mile for deducting business travel was 53.5 cents.

It is different from the work purpose as you are doing charitable work. They will count extra for miles. The rate is 14 cents per mile. And for mileage related to medical or moving purposes, the rate was 179cents per mile in 2016.

What was the Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2018?

At the start of 2018, the standard mileage rate increased slightly from 2017 for travel related to business, moving purposes, or medical reasons. For business miles, the rate is 54.5 cents per mile.

For medical and moving purpose mileage, the rate is 18 cents per mile. But for charitable purpose mileage, the rate is the same as the previous year, at 14 cents per mile.

Using a Mileage App: Pros and Cons

Several apps are used to calculate the mileage, such as MileIQ, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and Trip Log. These apps offer the benefit of automatic mileage tracking using GPS, so drivers can rely on the app to detect routes and add up the miles.

Some apps also calculate other expenses and allow you to categorize the type of trip to separate personal and business miles so that you can easily differentiate between business and personal use expenses. But also, a thing that creates ease for you have some drawbacks, including cost. 

However, this convenience comes with drawbacks, including cost. Prices change from time to time, but a fee is often required to benefit from automatic mileage tracking. 

Another drawback is the amount of storage space required to support one of these apps, which may clog up your phone quickly, and the battery runs down very fast.

Before choosing an online mileage service, be sure to read through user reviews to understand better what to expect, how well they work, and whether the cost is.

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Mileage Tracking Tips

Keeping track of mileage is very important and does not have to be overwhelming results. Here are a few tips for creating an easy process while maintaining accuracy.

  • Calculate mileage daily. Try to make it a daily habit so that your records are accurate, and there is nothing that you are overlooking. It will help you especially if you are audited.
  • Use maps as a backup. It will help you if you make some mistakes. Humans make mistakes, and mileage apps can have their issues.
  • If you use your vehicle for business and personal use and forget or lose the mileage information, look up the route with an online map to estimate the miles traveled, and then print a copy for documentation. The backup will give you accuracy.
  • Hold on to your mileage records, do not delete them.
  • The IRS recommends holding on to mileage logs and other supporting documentation for at least three years. To help in assuring that records are not lost; consider keeping digital versions in a safe and readily inaccessible location.
  • Keep a paper log in your car if you lost your digital data or have a mishap with digital data.
  • For example, a paper copy of your mileage log can serve as a backup if technology fails or if you think of a note during your trip you want to add to a digital roster after some time.

No matter how you track your business miles or store your records, aim for accuracy to not miss out on any deductions and the total amount that you owe.

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Manage Your Mileage and Business Expenses Better

We find it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more. And you can report on key metrics and gain real-time visibility into work.

It happens through our mileage template google sheet in Excel to keep your team connected and informed every time from anywhere.

You can use an expense report for recording business travel expenses such as transportation, food, moving, and conference fees.

And, collecting expense reports from employees weekly or monthly can safeguard against budgeting errors. It ensures that you spend your money well. You can try our free excel mileage log templates for all these purposes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a mileage template google sheet or spreadsheet?

1. First of all, start Microsoft Excel and select the “File” tab.
2. Then, enter trip details, time, place, and date 
3. After that, enter the current readings from the beginning and end of your trip.
4. Calculate total mileage if the template does not work 
5. At the end, calculate other expenses, like food, and shopping if you want to do it in record 

Does Google have a mileage tracker?

Yes, you can do it with our google mileage tracker to quickly record your mileage to your expense report. Also it will reduce the risk of having mistakes or not having a record.

What is the best free app for tracking mileage?

There are five best mileage tracker apps in 2020 that are

· MileIQ.
· SherpaShare.
· Trip Log.
· Hurdlr.
· Everlance.

How do you calculate the mileage rate for 2020?

At the beginning of January 2020, the standard mileage rates for the use of cars, vans, pickups, or panel trucks would be: 57.5 cents per mile driven for business use.

It will be 17 cents per mile for medical or emergency or moving purposes, 14 cents per mile will charge for charitable organizations.

Does mileage include gas?

MILEAGE covers all types of costs associated with operating a vehicle for business purposes like gas, oil change, and tire replacement for all expenses. Therefore, mileage template google sheet should cover all types of expenses.

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