How to Respond to Recruiter | Best Email Templates & Examples

Haleema Qayyum


Haleema Qayyum

How to Respond to Recruiter | Best Email Templates & Examples

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Receiving an email about a new job opportunity is exciting and never taking at the same time. But what should you do if you have two job offers at the same time? And how would you respond to recruiter or tell him that you have found a job?

A job search can be exhausting, so it is a relief when you finally get an offer. You’ve likely interviewed multiple companies throughout the search process, so it’s important to inform the other hiring managers of your offer.

Tell Recruiter you find Job

Well, it all depends on where you are in the interview phase. There is a fair risk that you would not be able to “rush” the company to a hiring decision.

If you have just made it to the screening stage with the recruiter and have not met with the hiring manager. In the recruiting process, it is too early.

You have many things to do to tell a recruiter you have found a job, as you can do it by sending just an email to the recruiter to apologize for accepting another offer.

But if you have met the recruiter and feel good about your candidacy and prefer that company over the second one, reach out to the recruiter immediately. Here is some other point to tell the recruiter you have accepted a new job.

Things You Need to do to Turn Down a Job Offer

Buy Yourself Some Time

After getting an offer, show appreciation and request time to contemplate the offer. After all, you want to make sure that you make the right choice.

Often ask for more time than you feel you would need; even if they are on a tighter timetable, you have wiggle room.

Be Professional, Prompt, and Courteous

Always be professional and don’t play with the two companies you have applied for. And take a one-time decision and turn down one offer from them. Also, you can tell the company you have accepted another offer by sending an email.

Don’t Take Actions Without a Written Contract

Further, if you are wondering how to tell a company, you have taken another offer? Well, rejecting the first offer, you have to sign a contract officially with the second company. Then you can move to the second step and tell the potential employer you accepted another offer.

Get the Recruiter on the Phone

Although an email may be the initial contact, the aim is to get the Hiring Manager on the other organization’s phone. The goal is to have a greater influence on your position and speed up the negotiating process instead of going back and forth via email.

Be Honest and Upfront

Well, if you are hiding a job offer from another recruiter, this is dishonest and unprofessional. And it will impact your career badly. So the best way is to be professional, honest, and grateful for the opportunity.

Don’t Spoil Your Career

When it comes to telling a company you have accepted another offer, your response affects your career path. Mainly, when you are a job seeker, you receive several job offers from companies. So you need to be honest and careful and reply to a shortlisted job offer by email or phone.

Gratitude is Respected

No matter what approach is taken to tell a recruiter you have another offer, it will leave you in good graces with whoever interviewed you, showing genuine appreciation, combined with a good interview.

Be on Time

Once you feel confident about the new job, tell the other company about the offer as early as possible.

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Give an Explanation and Reason Why You didn’t Accept the Offer

Further, it is good to tell the recruiter about the reason for not accepting the job offer. Maybe your presence in this company doesn’t matter but at the same time, be polite.

Be Transparent

In an interview, always do your hardest to make an outstanding first impression—after all, you never know what the future has in store.

It’s nice to be honest about your situation, so further down the road, there are no nasty surprises. Waiting until after the first interview to tell them about your work offer would be advisable.

This will help recruiters speed along with the recruitment if they are serious about hiring you. You don’t want to wait too long for your other bid, after all, because this can also hurt your relationship and jeopardize your job offer.

Start With a Thankyou

After sort out how to tell a recruiter you are interested in a position, what if you don’t get a job? Well, say thanks to the recruiter for rejecting the offer. And with them the best. This will help you build your professional career.

Must Tell the Recruiter that You’ve Gotten Another Offer

Why? Firstly, it will make you a more suitable candidate. Second, it will accelerate the recruitment process dramatically. Thirdly, you might get a juicer offer.

Provide the Recruiter with the Other Offer

Now, you have to tell the recruiter about your job offer in detail. Having multiple job offers means you are a competent candidate, and you are interested in working with various businesses.

But you first need to persuade your boss to leave your current job when you get a job offer from another company.

Don’t Accept any Job Offer if You may Back Out

Further, you have to take the decision and make sure about your want. Because you may need to get back to the company. So, be confident and take your time.

Closeout / Wish All the Best

Thanks again to the employer for their time and consideration. Also, wish them for their future projects. If they are in the same industry as you and you have felt a bond with them, ask them to stay in touch.

This will assist both of you to develop your professional network.

Tell Recruiter you find Job

Turning Down a Job Offer Email Example

Subject: job offer _ {your name}

Dear Mr./Ms. {Name of Hiring Manager}

Thank you very much for considering me for the {name of the position} role with {company name}. Though it was a hard decision, I have accepted another offer from another company.

I truly enjoyed our conversation, and I liked your efforts to interview me throughout the past few weeks.   

Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration. And best wishes for your future success. I hope our paths cross again in the future.


{your Name}

Difference Between Job Title and Job Position

Position vs job title or the difference between “job title” and “Job Position” is obvious. A job title is a label given to you by your business. while a job description tells your responsibilities.

It’s essential to list your daily tasks when you include your job positions on your resume to give the hiring manager a clear idea of your duties. Each candidate with the same job position is slightly different in defining their jobs.

Job Title vs Position

Well, a job title is a description of a position, job, or a designation. And it gives a concise understanding of the task. Whereas, a job position is a detailed term that shows the whole sector of jobs in which many related job titles are available.

Moreover, a job title leads the employee about the responsibilities and duties. Whereas, the job title is the method to organize many positions in an organization. Further, job position is an industry or field that candidates wish to work in.

Difference Between Job Title and Job Position

A job title directs the job responsibilities and job levels as well. On the contrary, the job position presents a general idea about existing titles.

Moreover, a job title defines a person’s position or job. While the job position shows the whole job sector in which many similar job titles exist.

Further, the example of a job title can be a Construction Project Manager. In comparison, the example of a job position can be a Civil Engineer.

What is Job Title?

After explaining the difference between the job title and position, let’s explore both terms individually.

A job title is a complete description of a given position, job, or designation. A job title shows a summary of the job. Moreover, the job title categorizes the different roles within a company. And the job title is such a designation a company assigns to an employee based on their qualification.

Further, a job title is a way for a candidate to use his qualification by offering services. Moreover, the job title classifies employment roles and responsibilities. For instance, the job title contains job titles such as manager, executive, director, chief, supervisor, etc.

Further, many job titles show what the person is doing in the company, such as chef, accountant, programmer, mechanic, etc.

Moreover, job titles show job duties and job levels. Such as marketing manager, head chef, etc., depending on their type, jobs can involve a specific duty.    

What is a Job Position?

Generally, Job occupation or job position is a broader term. It refers to paid work. Also, it defines as a sector a person wishes to serve. An occupation determines the means of earning a person living in his field of concern. 

Also, it describes the entire job sector in which many similar job titles occur. Again, the job position example is Doctor, laborer, engineer, nurse, etc.

Position title meaning includes the fields of employment or category of jobs. Also, a person’s occupation provides an outline of his work. But it doesn’t describe the level or position or the responsibility of an employee.

Also, occupation or job position may guide various fields such as human resources, marketing, hospitality, medicine, etc., further; occupation states an activity carried out in routine for monetary values.

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not respond to a recruiter?

1. “Sure, it sounds like good pay.”
2. “I’ll take any role at your company.
3. “My prior company was terrible.”
4. “I know today is my interview, but can we rearrange?”
5. “My previous boss won’t give me a good endorsement because I threatened him.

What do you say when you reach out to a recruiter?

Find a recruiter’s email address on his or her profile or send him a message through LinkedIn. Send the recruiter a note explaining your experience, qualifications, and what you’re looking for. Also, attach your resume

Is it OKAY to call back a recruiter?

If you haven’t any response two weeks after applying for a position, you’re free to follow up with the recruiter.

How honest should you be with a recruiter?

It would be best if you are as honest as you can be about things that could impact your ability to work or schedule. So your recruiter can be honest with the employer about your start date, schedule, and more.

How do you respond to recruiter or tell him you found another job?

First of all:

1. Be quick and make sure to let the other recruiter know that you’ve accepted another job.
2. Be straightforward. It’s entirely professional to tell the other employer that you have accepted another opportunity.
3. Be grateful.
4. Sustain a connection.
5. Final note.

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