Best Project Management Issue Tracking Templates

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Jawad Ahmad

Best Project Management Issue Tracking Templates

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Issue tracking spreadsheet template excel is one of the most common tracking spreadsheets used by the project managers and business experts.

It comes in action after the identification of an issue during process tracking activity.

In this article, a basic introduction to issue tracking template, its importance, types, and examples will be discussed.

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Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

What is an Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Excel?

A business or project came across a lot of issues. Although, the key focus of the planning phase is to put all efforts in action to minimize the realization of any potential risk.

Therefore, risk managers devise a lot of mitigation strategies to nullify the probability of issue occurrence.

However, many times the potential risks occur during the execution phase due to several reasons.

So, an issue is anything that can harm the project’s progress or performance. Further, the risk is classified as an issue when it becomes a reality during the project implementation phase.

Project Management Issue Tracking Template

At that moment, the project managers review back the risk management strategy of the project. Also, if the risk of the particular issue was there during the planning stage.

Further, the risk manager had applied which strategy to mitigate the likelihood of occurrence during risk management.

So, the project managers perform several analyses to identify the cause of triggering the issue. Finally, the contingency plan comes in action to provide the solution to an underlying issue.

Thus, the proper monitoring and tracking of the issue are important to ensure timely mitigation.

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Purpose of an Issue Tracker Templates

Project success is the timely completion of project activities. However, several issues not only delay the timely completion. But also impact the quality and performance of project activities.

Thus, it is the most important responsibility of the project managers to monitor and track the issue tracking spreadsheet. So, the issues stay on the list to monitor and resolve at priority.

Further, many project managers commit a common mistake of ignoring minor issues. Also, these issues keep on staying in the pending list and finally drop out of the consideration.

Excel Template for Issue Tracking

So, such issues work as a root cause of major issues that hamper the project progress and ultimately result in failure.

Thus, it is very important to effectively use the project management issue tracking spreadsheet template for excel.

Further, the excel issue tracking spreadsheet categorizes the issues based on their potential score.

The project managers describe the potential score of an issue based on its expected impact on the project schedule, quality, and performance.

Further, a kind of issue tracking dashboard template is more useful. As it displays a summary of pending and high priority issues. Also, the person held responsible to resolve the issue.

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Types of Issue Tracker Templates

There are several types of issue tracking templates. The project managers prefer to use a customizable issue tracking template.

Further, it what information to include depends on the use of issue tracking spreadsheet.

A google spreadsheet for issue tracking template may just include summary details of the issues. Such as what are the open issues with the expected closing date.

However, a team that is looking after the risk management and issue resolution process needs to maintain a perfect and detailed issue tracking XLS.

So, the basic type of project management issue tracking template includes the following information:

  • Issue ID
  • Current Status
  • Issue Description
  • Risk Matrix
  • Reporting Date
  • Expected Closing Date
  • Responsible Person

There is another risk matrix type issue tracking spreadsheet. It only includes information such as issue short description and issue priority based on severity and impact.

Simple Issue Tracker Template

So, the responsible person first focuses on the risks with high priority. While the project manager also defines the action plan for medium and low priority issues.

This approach keeps all the minor and major issues at one place but set the priority to resolve. In this way, no low or medium priority issue turns to high priority issue due to ignorance and stay on display.

Further, project managers also use historical data of issues from the execution of different projects to resolve issues.

So, the use of historic data based issue tracking spreadsheet excel provides a lot of information to resolve the issue at the earliest.

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Examples of an Excel Issue Tracking Template

The project managers use issue tracking spreadsheet in almost all types of projects.

However, the use of issue tracking template in construction projects is pretty straightforward. Let’s understand it by an example.

Construction Project Issue Tracking Template

There are a lot of resources to manage a construction project. Many of them are on-site materials and labor.

So, many issues are faced such as the shortage of material and human resources.

For example, a supplier of steel bars has pushed the delivery of the order. So, this issue will be marked on the issue tracking spreadsheet.

The status will be updated as open and a person will be assigned to look into the matter.

Further, the responsible person will analyze the severity of the issue. The difference in the actual requirement date and arrival date will be the main focus.

So, if the material is required after 10 days of issue reporting while the supplier isn’t committing.

First, the impact of delay on project activities will be analyzed to set the priority. In this way, all the issues are market and prioritize on construction site issue tracking excel XLS.

Further, the action plan can also be included like comments on how the issue was resolved, expected, and the actual closing date.

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How to create an Issue Tracking Template

A basic issue tracking template can be created using MS Excel or Google Sheets. However, it is important to identify the type of issue tracking sheet required to fulfill the requirement.

Thus, the following simple steps are useful to create an issue tracking spreadsheet:

  • Identify the type of Issue Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Identify all the Completed, In-progress, and Pending Issues.
  • Enlist the description of issues.
  • Analyze the issue to identify the priority based on severity and impact.
  • Assign resources to resolve the issue at earliest.
  • Discuss major issues in team meetings
  • Take Action to Resolve the issue and write down the expected closing date.
  • Once resolve, update the status to closed and add a final comment on how the issue is resolved and what steps are taken to avoid reoccurrence.

4+ Free Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template Excel

The following issue tracker templates are available to free download. Click on the download to free download best free project management issue tracking spreadsheet templates XLS.

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Project Management Issue Tracking Template
Simple Issue Tracker Template

Finally, it was all about the “Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Project Management.

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