Business KPI Template Excel XLS

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Business KPI Template Excel XLS

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The use of Business KPI template Excel XLS sheets is extremely important. Almost every function of a business have a set KPIs to achieve the targeted goal. Thus, it is important to continuously monitor and track the performance of business functions.

Business KPI template Excel XLS helps the business experts to analyze the performance of business processes progress metrics. So, the business can stay focused on the set target and keep the defined strategy aligned for success.

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Business KPI Template Excel

Importance of Business KPI Template Excel

The use of KPI template Excel not only provides an update on the achievement of set goals. It is way more than just monitoring the growth track of business.

All the function of a business has its own departmental KPIs to monitor. As the overall goal of the company is divided between its key departments as a role. So, it is the responsibility of the department leader and team to fulfill the requirement and make a contribution. Thus, the company can progress towards its goals and ultimately towards the vision.

Furthermore, in this way the KPI template Excel XLS is used at a different level of the company. Every member of the department team has a set of defined KPIs. However, all the KPIs of a department are available to the department head on the KPIs dashboard template excel.

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Business KPI Dashboard Template XLS

So, the department head analyzes the performance of the department in terms of the success of the department milestone. The overall goal of the company is divided into milestones. So, each department works on a different or same milestone to achieve it.

Moreover, if the department head finds any irregularity in the values of KPIs. A collective session of the department team is called to discuss the abnormality. So, the department should stay on track to contribute its positive part in business goal achievement.

Thus, the role of the business KPI excel template in decision making is well explained. So, the importance of using business KPIs template XLS excel to monitor the simple KPIs of a company.

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Project Management KPI

Business KPI template Excel vs Project KPI templates Excel

The use of business KPIs template excel and project KPI templates excel is the same. Both the sheets work similarly with the same objectives and goals.

However, a project is a time base function that has a set timeline for completion. While business is an ongoing activity.

In businesses, projects are structured for many reasons like business growth, continuous improvement, and product development. Moreover, the project has many additional processes along with the basic functions of a business.

Thus, the project management KPI template excel is used for any additional knowledge areas than a typical business department KPI template in excel XLS sheet.

Let understand with an example. In project management, scheduling of activities is a complete knowledge area that involves many processes.

Thus, scheduling KPIs template Excel is used in this knowledge area. While there is no such KPIs template XLS sheet for business functions. Please don’t confuse the activities schedule with the product delivery or payment schedule. These are different concepts.

Project Management KPI Metrics

Examples of Business KPI Template Excel Spreadsheets

The importance of the business KPI templates Excel XLS sheet is well explained in the above sections. However, it’s time to understand how the business KPIs template excel is used for different departments of a business.

The following business KPI templates Excel spreadsheet will be briefly discussed in this section:

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  1. Marketing KPIs Template Excel
  2. Sales KPI Template XLS
  3. Financial KPI Template XLS
  4. Retail KPI Template
  5. Manufacturing KPIs Template for Excel
  6. Human Resources KPI Template XLS
  7. SEO KPIs Template Excel
  8. Construction KPI Excel Spreadsheet

The following guide will help you to learn How to Define Business KPIs. However, check out our guide on How to Track Business KPIs using Dashboard.

Examples of Simple KPI Template XLS

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Marketing KPI Template Excel

The use of KPIs template Excel is very helpful for marketing and advertising professionals. So, these KPIs are very important and helpful to track and improve the performance of key areas such as marketing costs, conversion rates, and lead generation.

Further, the KPIs available in this sheet are developed by the marketing professionals to measure marketing team efforts and department performance.

The marketing KPI templates include the following key performance indicators but not limited to:

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  1. Advertising Response Rate
  2. Cost per Lead
  3. Inbound Leads
  4. Remaining Marketing Budget
  5. Net Promoter Score
  6. Social Followers
  7. Unique Website Visitors
  8. A visitor to Conversion Rate
Marketing KPIs
Marketing KPI Dashboard Template Excel

Sales KPI Template XLS

The sales KPIs template XLS focuses on company sales and revenue generation. Therefore, the sales KPI template excel helps to track the performance of a business sales team.

Further, the key focus areas of the sales team are opportunities, prospects and up sales. So, the sales managers take advantage of using sales KPI template excel to monitor and improve the department outcome.

The following KPIs are important to include in the sales KPI excel template.

Also, check out our guide on how to make Sales KPI Dashboard for monitoring and tracking of Sales Key Performance Indicators.

  1. Average Sales Revenue
  2. Cost of Sales Team
  3. Number of Sales
  4. New Sales Revenue and Percentage
  5. Opportunities
  6. Total Sales Revenue
  8. Value of Quotes
  9. Successful ‘Up Sales’
Sales KPI Template Excel
Sales KPI Dashboard Template Excel

Financial KPIs Template

The financial KPIs template spreadsheet is helpful to track the financial KPIs such as EBIT, revenue, working capital, and budget. Also, the financial KPI template is the best tool to track the financial performance of a company.

So, the financial experts like to include following KPIs in their financial KPI template spreadsheet.

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  1. Cost of Goods
  2. Gross Profit Margin
  3. Net Profit Margin
  4. Net Profit
  5. EBIT
  6. Number of Employees
  7. Revenue
  8. Working Capital
Financial Template Excel
Financial KPI Dashboard XLS

Retail KPIs Template

The retail KPI template is a very helpful tool to track the performance of a retail outlet. Moreover, the retail KPI template spreadsheet can track the performance of retail KPIs such as gross margin, retail price, and fixed costs.

Thus, the retail KPI template spreadsheet can track the performance of the following KPIs:

  1. Cost of Goods
  2. Gross Margin
  3. Customer Retention
  4. Net Sales
  5. Online Sales
  6. Offline Sales
  7. Retail Price
  8. Shop Visitors
  9. Site Traffic
  10. Visitors Buying Ratio
Retail KPIs
Retail KPI Dashboard Template Excel

Manufacturing KPI Template

The manufacturing KPI template Excel is very helpful in the manufacturing industry on the production floor. Also, this template is capable to address the key performance indicators such as production costs, product losses, and cycle time.

Further, the target of manufacturing KPI template XLS is to track the manufacturing process to maximize productivity. Thus, the following manufacturing KPIs are essential to include in manufacturing the KPI template excel sheet.

Moreover, it’s is sometimes very difficult to decide KPIs for the manufacturing process. Therefore, check out our guide on How to Define the Key Performance Indicators of any Manufacturing or Production Facility.

  1. Actual Production Cost and Time
  2. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  3. Average Cycle Time
  4. Production Target
  5. Number of Unfinished Units
  6. Units Manufactured
  7. Number of Units in Process

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Manufacturing KPIs

Human Resources KPI Template Excel

The Human Resource KPI Template XLS is helpful in almost every type of industry. Moreover, the target of the HR department is plan training for development, recruitment process and many more.

Thus, the following KPIs are valuable to include in HR KPI Template Excel.

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  1. Total Employees
  2. Total Cost of Healthcare
  3. Number of Workdays
  4. Number of Vacancies
  5. HR Expenses
  6. HR Budget
  7. Absence Rate
Human Resources KPI Template Excel
HR KPI Dashboard Template Excel

SEO KPIs Template

The SEO KPIs template excel helps monitor online marketing activities. The search engine optimization of a website defines the performance of its content. So, the focus of companies to improve the SEO of the website to generate more traffic.

Furthermore, the following KPIs are very important to add in SEO KPIs template excel.

  1. Average Session Duration
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Keyword Ranking
  4. Total Impressions and Views
  5. Inbound Links
  6. New Visitors
SEO KPIs Template
SEO KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Construction KPI Template Excel

The construction KPIs template Excel is a helpful tool for contractors, organizations, and project managers. Moreover, the focus of this spreadsheet is to track the performance of construction, building and engineering domains.

The construction KPI templates Excel helps the managers to check the progress of a project. Also, it helps to reduce costs.

Thus, the following key performance indicators are very crucial to track the performance of a construction project.

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  1. Square Meter Cost
  2. Construction Schedule
  3. Construction Schedule Variance
  4. Cost per Km/Mile
  5. Required Construction Hours
  6. Reported Incidents
  7. Defects Found
  8. Rework Cost
Construction KPI Template Excel

Call Center KPIs Template

There are a lot of KPI involve in Call Center business performance tracking. These KPIs are used to track the performance of individual call representatives.

Thus, the call center manager uses call center KPI dashboard to analyze the completion of the task and performance of subordinates.

Call Center Dashboard Template

Finally, it was all about the “Business KPI Template Excel XLS”. So, please do share your feedback in the comments section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Project Management KPIs.

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