High Level of Effort Estimation Templates | Guidelines and Examples

Haleema Qayyum


Haleema Qayyum

High Level of Effort Estimation Templates | Guidelines and Examples

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Level of effort is a project management term for those ongoing tasks that don’t produce a deliverable and is not on a critical path.

It is essential to plan the effort needed for any job in operation-based environments or projects. Because the nature, complexity, volume, and nature of tasks will keep changing forever. So, here comes the Level of Effort Estimation Template, which is accurate, and you can customize it for any setup.

Let’s dive deep into the features of the level of effort template.

Level of efforts Temmplate

High-Level Work Estimate Worksheet

High-level work Estimate Template in Excel includes labor, physical, reserve costs, methods and basis of estimates, range, and confidence level. In addition, the level of effort estimate template is fully editable with Excel and can be converted to suit your project requirements.

You can use this project high-level estimating worksheet as a brainstorming device for your project team to obtain high-level estimates of work for the project’s high-level needs.


We are scoping projects at a high-level re-requires estimating project activity during the early initiation or preparation stages. However, It can be challenging to make estimates! Because We have incomplete and ambiguous data regarding correct criteria much of the time.

This is combined with several unknowns. And can make it hard to pin down a defined range of needed effort. Despite this, you must always do your best to predict how long your project will take.

Any estimation is better than no estimation! To get started, download the level of estimate template and fill it out with total hourly averages for each project process for the main chunk of tasks. The better way to do this is with the project team as a brainstorming activity.

Note: If you click CTRL+A followed by F9, the total estimated hours’ number will update automatically.

Level of Effort Example

A sap effort estimation template Excel can have a cost variance. The following are an example of the level of effort scale.

Project Management

The work of a program manager, project manager, and other people involved in controlling a project that doesn’t generate a deliverable.

Team Lead

A management or leadership role in a team. Such as a senior software developer who is supposed to assist or help juniors.

Partner Management

It stated managing relationships with suppliers and partners.

Customer Relationships

The example included the relationship with customers, such as a lead customer who delivers requirements and participates in the pilot launch.


It stands for the communication overhead. For example, team meetings that customers have a week.


  • Administrative tasks such as submission paperwork.
  • Financial controls and administrative budget.
  • Internal process such as an architectural evaluation of a software development project.
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Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions about Level of Effort

How do you calculate the level of effort?

1. Firstly, determine how exact your estimate needs to be.
2. Then, create the early estimate of effort hours for each activity for the whole project.
3. After that, add specialist resource hours.
4. Then, Consider rework.
5. Finally, add project management time.

What does work effort mean?

A mental or physical effort directed towards making or doing something is a work effort. Also, paid employment is an effort at a trade, job, occupation, duty, task, or undertaking.

What is effort project management?

The effort is the number of hours workers spend, on a particular task, to complete a specific task. The effort is often stated in staff hours, days, or weeks.

What is the difference between effort and duration?

The effort is the actual time needed to complete the task. Whereas duration is the total amount of time in which the customer has to complete the job. For instance, you might have work that only takes 1 hour to physically complete, but the same task can be done anytime over the next week.

What term means the level of effort required to complete an activity?

Intensity is the term that signifies the level of effort required to complete an activity. Also, it indicates how hard an exercise is for a specific person to meet and the amount of oxygen the body uses to do a task. And the number of calories consumed while doing the activity.

What is a level of effort task?

Level of effort tasks comprise management or supporting type activities with no connection to other measurable efforts.

What is a high-level estimate?

High-level estimates are about setting and managing expectations around what is genuinely possible. So, first of all, we will deal with our highest priorities. Then, if there is extra capacity, we will deal with the other material we couldn’t get to the first time around.

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