Multiple Project Tracker Spreadsheet | A Tool to Track Your Multiple Projects

Jawad Ahmad


Jawad Ahmad

Multiple Project Tracker Spreadsheet | A Tool to Track Your Multiple Projects

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Multiple project tracking template excel tool is used by project managers to manage, track, and control the KPIs of multiple projects at a time.

So, it provides enough information on display to monitor the project’s progress, quality, and performance daily.

In this article, a basic introduction to multiple project tracking template, their importance, components, and guidelines to create will be presented.

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What is a Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel?

The project management is a bundle of complex processes that keep on surprising even the professionals. Thus, it requires immense tracking activity to ensure everything stays on track.

Also, there are several projects in progress under the supervision of one project head. The project head can be anyone either the owner, department head, or project manager of a company.

As the position holder must analyze all the projects regularly. So, the professional experience of the project manager can quickly understand the details and find bugs to improve.

However, it wouldn’t be possible for a project manager to have a look at the messed-up information of each project. Thus, the project managers use a strategically created multiple projects tracking template excel.

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Multiple Project Tracking Template

Although, multiple projects can be a part of a company’s business development or a sub-division of a company’s overall goal. Whatever it is, it’s not an easy task to monitor and track multiple projects at a time.

So, the use of multiple projects tracking templates helps the project managers to efficiently manage all the projects with a simple interface.

Also, it is sometimes referred to as multiple projects tracking dashboard template.

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Project Management Issue Tracking Template

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Importance of Multiple Project Tracking Excel

The multiple projects tracking excel template isn’t just a dashboard to present the summary.

It includes a set of multiple project tracking template free spreadsheets that helps to monitor and track the project processes.

The use of multiple project tracking template google sheets can be used in two ways. So, a company department head uses it to analyze the overall performance of the departmental projects.

Further, a specific set of multiple project processes can be tracked using it. Like a business is working on the 10 projects.

So, the risk management project manager will work on the risk management of all the projects using multiple project tracking template XLS.

Multiple Projects Activity Template

However, the actual purpose of the project tracking spreadsheet is to track and monitor the project progress and performance. Thus, it helps to track project schedule, progress, communication, issues, and budget.

A simple multiple tracking template excel XLS allows the project manager to have a look on the project progress.

So, the information about the activities of each project is available on the multiple projects tracking dashboard.

Further, the multiple project tracking software includes the feature to track the issues in real-time. So, these can be added to the queue based on impact and severity and resolved at priority.

Also, the excel template to track multiple projects helps to keep an eye on the budget, expenses, and funds availability. So, the multiple projects shouldn’t run out of funds.

Therefore, multiple projects tracking template excel is a tool to manage, track, and control the schedule, resources, quality, and performance of multiple projects at a time.

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Features of Multiple Project Tracking Template

There are several must-have features of multiple project tracker templates. The purpose and significance of multiple project tracking spreadsheet are explained earlier.

Lets’ now discuss the key features and KPIs of tracking multiple projects using a single excel spreadsheet.

A project manager who is working on different projects simultaneously wants to use such an interface that connects essential information of all projects.

This template usually contains a dashboard-type interface to present summarized data. However, the details of each dashboard metric are also available.

A good project tracking template should include most of the data in graphical and visual formats instead of tabular details. As the graphical information is easy to grab and analyze.

Similarly, the dashboard must contain all the KPIs such as schedule, deliverables, cost, budget, human resources, and issues.

Finally, the template should contain a proper navigation channel for the detailed information of each metric of any project.

Components of Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

There are several forms and structures of a multiple project tracking template. It depends on who is using multiple project tracker.

So, if a specific process head uses it such as risk management manager, it will include the information related to risk management of all the projects.

However, a general multiple project tracker template will help to monitor and track all the KPIs of several projects.

So, the project managers like to display the following details on multiple projects tracking spreadsheets.

Project Management Dashboard Template

The basic introduction of multiple projects in terms of the project name, project manager name, and the customer name. Also, a drop-down list button must be there to select between the projects.

Moreover, once the project is selected. The information about the project timeline in the form of percentage completion and Gantt Chart must be available.

Also, the list of project active issues and responsible persons should present on the display. Finally, the overall fund for all the projects along with the budget and costs of each project is important to analyze regularly.

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How to make a Multiple Project Tracker?

Good multiple projects tracking template for excel has several spreadsheets. The display sheet is the dashboard of multiple projects to summarize the details.

While other spreadsheets include the details of different functions.
The dashboard spreadsheet must include an interactive navigation menu to choose between the Gantt Chart, datasheet, and plan.

Also, the project plan sheet must include the details about each project’s activities, status, and timeline.

Multiple Project Tasks and Gantt Chart Template Excel

Template Credit: Analysis Tabs

The issue tracking spreadsheet is there to include the details about the in-progress and pending issues of each project. Also, the project cost tracking template plays roles in the control of the project budget.

Finally, a project KPI dashboard template can also be included to display all the KPIs of each project.

Although, several software tools are available to free download for multiple project tracking templates. However, many project managers prefer to use a free excel template for multiple project tracking.

It provides a lot of advanced features to efficiently perform the function of monitoring, tracking and controlling.

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How to Use Tracking Templates for Multiple Projects

The purpose of using multiple projects spreadsheet excel is to allow the project manager to quickly grab and analyze the critical information of all undergoing projects.

Therefore, the user-friendly aspect is the most important factor in choosing any template for multiple project tracking. How to use a tracking template usually depends on what sort of template you have in hand.

The best tracking template is a visual dashboard type. It includes charts, infographics, and graphs to represent critical information. Such as total bar chart is useful to show the total budget and budget consumed by each project.

The project manager should make a customize dashboard and only display those metrics which are critical for analysis. Later, just quickly go through the graphs of each metric and find any irregular pattern or trend.

Then go into the project details for insights of irregularity and take action for the remedy of issues.

Never take any action by just looking at the visual trend and without going into details. Some project managers follow this practice to just highlight disparities in the dashboard and start making strategies.

However, one should go into the planning details and analyze if the project is originally planned to indicate such a pattern or it is due to some error or issue.

Finally, the purpose of multiple project templates is to present critical metrics of different projects at a single interface for analysis and to maintain a balance of resources.

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