Free Bank Deposit Slip Template Excel

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Free Bank Deposit Slip Template Excel

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Do you remember when last time you stood in line at the bank to deposit cash or check? You probably don’t, as bank deposit slips are becoming rapidly rare; you are trying to switch your payment methods to digital banking.

However, you may still have to use them when making a
payment. So, it is crucial to know how properly process a manual payment at a bank.

This article will describe everything you need to know about deposit slips and their importance in business. In fact, after reading this article, you will probably find yourself rushing to order a deposit slip template.

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Free Bank Deposit Slip Template

What Is A Bank Deposit Slip?

The bank deposit slip template is a small, printed piece of paper that you will fill when you deposit into a bank account. The bank issues the deposit slip to the customer.

However, it contains critical information about depositor, such as;

  • The name on the account
  • The account number
  • The amount of each deposited check
  • Receiving account number
  • The amount of any bills being deposited

A completed deposit slip is irreversible proof that the deposited amount was accepted and processed by the bank.

The bank issues the deposit slip template to the person who wants to deposit money in a bank account.

It is given with blank fields so that a depositor can put all the details about the cash. You can download our free bank deposit slip template in PDF, Excel, and Word format to make a deposit slip.

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Importance Of Bank Deposit Slip

Here is the importance of this small piece of paper.

  • Generally, the bank deposit slip is issued to collect information about the deposit a person made in a bank account. In this way, it serves a proof for both client and the bank. For example, when a deposit detail on your bank statement is missing, this deposit slip comes as proof of deposit.
  • The deposit slips act as legal proof in business transactions. For example, when you purchase something from a company, it asks you to deposit funds to its account. So when you deposit an amount, the bank gives you a deposit slip that protects both parties.
  • Moreover, the depositor uses this bank deposit template to track the money in the account. The deposit slip tells how much amount you have in your account, the date of deposit cash, and details about the bank account if you deposit the amount from someone else’s account.
  • Additionally, this printable deposit slip creates ease in the process of depositing money. Because of this, the teller won’t have to ask any other question. In these ways, it accelerates the process.

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Components Of a Deposit Slip

To fill out the deposit slip correctly, you should know every component of it. The deposit slips sections may be different, but the following features are standard in every deposit slip.

Account Number

Each bank account has a unique number assigned to it. It is essential to put the correct account number on the deposit slip you want to deposit money.

The Depositor’s Name

Some banks provide deposit slip with depositor name preprinted on it; if not, it has a location on the deposit slip to write your name.


The client will write the date when the deposit has been made.


If depositing cash, write the amount here.


If you want to deposit a check, list each one separately in the blank spaces provided.


Add the sum of cash and check amounts and write the subtotal in this field.

Less cash Received

This field comes at the end of the deposit slip used to enter the amount you would get back from the provided check.

Signature Line

Here comes the signature of the depositor when he withdraws funds from his/her account.

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Uses of Deposit Slip Templates

Deposit slip templates give you an easier way of making your deposit slips in the office or home. We all use deposit slips for a variety of reasons in our daily life.

For example, when we deposit cash in a bank, we fill a deposit slip. In this way, depositing money becomes easy as it provides all the required details at a place.

Moreover, deposit slips are helpful in all fields of life. For example, when you go to a bank to deposit cash, you don’t know which details are required to complete the process, but bank deposit slip templates tell you every detail.

Below is some bank deposit slip examples that will help you find a suitable template for you.

How To Fill Out A Deposit Slip

If you want to make a payment, you’ll have to fill out your deposit slip before you reach the bank.  So that the teller can verify the information you’ve provided.

Filling out a deposit slip is usually an easy process, with all the critical information points highlighted on the bank deposit slip. Below are some easy steps you should follow.

Step1: Write the name of the depositor on the slip in the required field.

Step2: Write down the account number in which you want to deposit money. 

Step3: Write the total amount of currency next to the “Cash” label on the slip. If you don’t have any, leave this field blank.

Step4: If you want to deposit checks, list them individually. Then write the check number and amount next to the “Check” label on the slip. If you have more than one checks to deposit, write the check number with each cheque amount.

Step5: This is the total amount of cash and checks you want to deposit.

Step6: In the “Less Cash” field comes to the amount you get back from this deposit. If you don’t want to withdraw money, leave this field empty. 

Step7: This is the sum of cash that you deposit, minus any withdraw from the deposit.

Step8: If you get cashback from your deposit, sign the slip where required.

How To Fill Out A Deposit Slip

How To Get Copy Of Deposit Slip

To make payments secure, you can ask for proof of deposit slip. It may create a problem when you don’t have any evidence of the deposit that you made. To avoid the problem, you should get a copy of the bank deposit slip. Below are the ways to get a copy of the deposit slip.

  1. Go to the concerned bank branch and ask them to send a slip of specific deposit.
  2. Luckily, if you have an online banking facility, don’t go to your bank_ just login into your account and request to send a copy of the deposit.
  3. You can see the bank statement to find the deposit. Your bank statements contain information about all the transactions.

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General Advantages of Deposit Slip Excel Template

We continuously provide unique formats for our clients that are very helpful in precise and accurate documentation. Likewise, Our particular model enables you to create smart and detailed slips.

Therefore, while using these blank invoice templates, it takes you no longer to make a few changes to draw a well-developed layout with standard parameters.

The advantages of the direct deposit template are as follows: 

  • Using Excel Bank Deposit Slip Template, you can avoid time spent on creating the same draft repeatedly. You can get a perfect model of deposit slip by downloading it from our website.
  • It offers protection not only to the customers but also to the banks. The deposit slip is proof that the bank has placed the exact amount into the correct bank account for customers.
  • As the deposit slip only displays the total amount deposited; therefore, if conflicts arise between the depositor and the bank, the depositor can ask for a copy of all necessary documents to resolve the matter.
  • It is more secure than a paycheck. Because a check contains the company’s sensitive information, so if an employee lost the paycheck, it might be harmful.
  • It is the safest and convenient way to transfer salaries to an employee’s account anytime, anywhere. It saves not only your time but also employees.

Rich Benefits of Excel Deposit Slips

Our free bank deposit slip template is:

  • Professional and editable.
  • Gives the possibility of different time usage
  • Equipped with top quality content.
  • Needs no improvement
  • Has an eye-catching and alluring model.
  • Accessible with one click.
  • Easily printable.

Pros and Cons Of Direct Deposit


Easier and faster transactions: Direct deposit makes the payment more comfortable and faster and minimizes bank visits for both client and the bank.

More efficient payroll process: Direct deposit makes the payroll process easy for business, as it allows timely payment of wages.


Cybersecurity threats: Through direct deposit, payments are carried out online. So, they are susceptible to possible cybercrimes.

Bank account required: Direct deposit can’t accommodate employees without bank accounts.

Reasons Why Free Printable Deposit Slips Are Used 

It has information on the client’s deposit funds. Listed below are some of the reasons why these Free Printable Deposit Slips are used:

  • That’s why this Printable Deposit Slip is so crucial; it’s evidence. Using the Free Printable Deposit slip, you can verify that the funds on the deposit slip came from the depositor and were deposited into the correct account.
  • The depositor’s funds are secure because of the evidence presented. The teller will handle the deposit once the customer hands over the Free Printable Deposit Slip. After verifying the deposit, the teller will hand the depositor a confirmation slip.
  • Money depositing is made simpler by using deposit slip templates, which have a dual purpose. First, a deposit slip would already have all the necessary data. It eliminates the need for the teller to enquire further about the nature of the transaction. Because of this, time savings might be expected.
  • Money deposited can be tracked with these Free Printable Deposit slips.
  • The bank can utilize its duplicate deposit slip to maintain tabs on the day’s financial activity. You can see how this paper safeguards the interests of both parties.
  • Receipts like this can be used as evidence of payment. For example, you might be interested in purchasing from an online store. You may be required to make a bank Deposit Slip to the retailer as payment.
  • Then, once the payment has been made, the Deposit Slip must be forwarded to the retailer as evidence of payment. The document would detail the payment amount you’ve deposited.
  • The date of the transaction will also be recorded. Finally, the shopkeeper will verify his records and begin working on your order.

Some Useful Information About Free Bank Deposit Slip Templates

Here’s some useful information about deposit slip templates:

Different Types of Free Bank Deposit Slip Templates

When you visit any central bank, you will discover they all have unique Free Printable Deposit Slip templates. The rules for making deposits may change depending on the sort of account you’re using. The most prevalent types of bank accounts are checking and savings.

Slips For Checking Accounts Are More Complicated

Using such slips to record information about each check you make is essential. In addition, the net amount you are depositing into the account should also be recorded.

You must Double-Check Your Slip Before Submitting It

The bank will verify your Free Printable Deposit Slip. However, you should check your work for errors. If the bank accepts the slip, your funds will be deposited into the specified account.

The Deposit Slip Is Required When Depositing At A Bank

The bank only accepts deposits made in person using Free Printable Deposit Slips. 

Alternate Deposit Methods

Free Printable Deposit Slip templates can save a lot of time and hassle. But, of course, they aren’t the only option for making a deposit. For example, you don’t need a deposit slip or to physically visit a bank to make a deposit. Think of it this way:

Putting Money into an ATM

You can deposit funds straight into your bank account using an ATM at some locations. However, you may still need to utilize a deposit slip at some financial institutions, while others may not.

You can use your ATM or debit card at some machines that support this type of transaction to withdraw cash.

For some institutions, you can even make direct money deposits and cheques. It is then possible for the bank to credit your account with the money you deposited immediately. However, there may be a delay until you can access the money.

Mobile Phone Banking Involves

Mobile phone deposits are another quick and easy option. This method of conducting business has only recently emerged. However, its ease of use has led to its widespread adoption.

A Free Printable Deposit Slip is unnecessary for this procedure. However, you must check the complete and associated account information to complete the transaction.

Depositing funds into a bank is subject to its unique regulations. These guidelines are typically included in the policy governing access to financial resources. In addition, the policy specifies the waiting period before deposits can be withdrawn.

The staff at the bank can also provide you with this data. In any case, you should be well-informed before making any deposits.

Deposit Slip Templates Can Be Created in Other Ways as Well

A bank Free Printable Deposit Slip template is what you’ll need to fill out and bring in when you wish to deposit money. These slips are provided at no cost by your financial institution. However, they typically only hand out a handful of passes simultaneously.

Lucky for us, there are various additional approaches to creating such skeletons. First, you should make your own Free Printable Deposit Slip templates if you anticipate a high volume of deposits. Alternatives to the template available for download on this page include:

One Can Utilize Computer Programs to Create Them

These days, you may use any one of several different computer programs to create your very own Free Printable Deposit Slip. The good thing is that many of them provide free demos before you have to pay for the full version.

Make some Free Printable Deposit Slip templates and print them out to see if the trial version works as advertised. The next step is to see if your bank will accept your DIY slips by taking them to the branch.

These slips may or may not be accepted by your bank. That’s why using the software’s trial version is a good idea. You don’t want to spend money on the program to discover that your previous submissions were invalid.

Please Use Paper Copies of Your Slips

Now that you know how to use the correct program to make your templates, you can print out a test version of Free Printable Deposit Slip. 

You should use regular printer paper when printing your sample deposit slip. Make sure your bank will accept the Free Printable Deposit Slip you make before proceeding.

There is probably some program out there that has a strict paper requirement. Additionally, this is something you should verify before committing to the product.

If You Switch Banks, You Must Get a New Deposit Slip

When you decide it’s best to switch financial institutions, the time may come. You could even consider switching to a new bank. In any case, you’ll need to update your Free Printable Deposit Slip templates. 

Your bank may request that you redesign your Free Printable Deposit Slip template before you use it. So make sure you’ve done these things before you start printing out forms to fill out.

Make Your Unique Layout for The Sample Document

As a bank proprietor, creating your own Free Printable Deposit Slip sample document is helpful. This option is available if you do not own a bank franchise and are therefore not required to use slips issued by the bank’s primary location.

Use a Free Printable Deposit Slip template to make your custom template. The next step is to incorporate the fields that need to be filled out by your customers. Some examples of these details are the account number, date, and location of the relevant bank.

Online, you can find Free Printable Deposit Slip template for your own. Alternatively, you can get a blank one to use as a starting point and customize it as needed.

Though not many individuals intentionally trip themselves up, it’s comforting to know that it’s an option. Your deposit slips are within reach, provided you have the appropriate software. Alternatively, you might work with your bank to develop brand-new sample documents.

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Download Free Bank Deposit Slip Templates

Here are few Bank Deposit slip Templates that you can download for free.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Bank Deposit Slips

There are many questions in the FAQ list of Free Bank Deposit Slip Template Excel. However, the top 5 and the basic ones are:

Can I print my own deposit slips?

If you are running out of deposit slips for your company, you can print your own.

Can you print deposit slips online?

Yes, you can print the deposit slip at home or office on any white paper. You do not need any unique form to print it.

Do you need to fill out a deposit slip for cash?

No, it is not necessary. Most ATMs do not require to fill out deposit slips. They automatically count cash and scan checks.

How can I deposit money without a deposit slip?

Although, many banks offer countless deposit slips, if you do not receive deposit slips when opening a bank account, contact your concerned bank.

What details are asked in a deposit slip?

A deposit slip template contains the date, the name and account number of the depositor, the amount being deposited, and the details of whether the deposit includes checks or cash.

Exactly what purpose does the bank deposit slip serve?

A deposit slip is a confirmation and evidence that the bank accepted money from the depositor in case the depositor later discovers that the amount he deposited does not match the amount he put in the account.

To what end does one typically use a deposit slip?

The primary function of a deposit slip is to instruct the teller to deposit the funds into a specific bank account. The depositor can request a duplicate of his deposit, which would include a copy of the deposit slip showing the individual amounts that add up to the entire deposit.

What makes a deposit slip different from a check?

Deposit slips templates  and checks are entirely different animals. Money can be deposited into a bank account using a deposit slip, while funds can be withdrawn from an account using a check. One similarity, though, is that the customer must supply both a deposit slip and a check.

Finally, it was all about the “Free Bank Deposit Slip Template Excel”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and keep visiting us to learn more about Project Management.

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