6+ Free Production Schedule Templates Excel | Production Scheduling Sheet

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Jawad Ahmad

6+ Free Production Schedule Templates Excel | Production Scheduling Sheet

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A production schedule template in excel is one of the most useful spreadsheets in the production planning stage of supply chain management.

Further, even the companies with access to professional ERP systems use free production planning template excel to add the new orders in the manufacturing queue.

In this article, the basics of production scheduling, its importance, features, components, types, and use will be presented.

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Production Schedule Template Excel

What is the Production Schedule Template?

On the production floor, several orders of different products are running. So, how rapidly the product variety is changed depends on several factors.

Thus, the production schedule planning team has to focus on clubbing the order that requires the same type of resources and configuration.

So, the manufacturing facility bears minimum downtime in the account of change. Also, the flexibility of the production department should be kept in view while setting a production schedule.

Thus, all the productions systems either pull or push requires the use of a weekly production schedule template excel.

However, pull-type production departments further require daily production schedule template excel to work efficiently.

Production Planning Schedule Sheet

Similarly, a master production schedule template excel is useful for the sales team to provide customers with the earliest possible delivery schedule.

So, a production schedule or production plan is a document of internal use to manage the production and delivery of a customer order.

As the production plan template XLS helps to ensure the availability of resources necessary to produce the ordered quantity.

Also, the timeline production schedule template is useful in planning the sequence of operations.

Thus, the manufacturing production schedule template is very useful to monitor and achieve the daily production target on the production floor.

Although, professional ERP systems also include the facility of production planning. However, many companies prefer to use free production scheduling template google sheets.

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Importance of Production Schedule Template

The daily production schedule templates are useful to manage production targets on the production floor.

However, the monthly, weekly, and master production schedule template google sheets are helpful for sales and production planning staff.

The key purpose of using a manufacturing production planning template is to monitor the achievement of production targets. So, the timely deliveries of customer orders can be managed.

A component of your supply chain management is the manufacturing schedule. It not only helps your sales team and production team build a schedule that delivers the items to clients when required, but it also manages your resources.

While the sales team analyze the availability of delivery slot and book the orders from customers with the best delivery time.

However, the production planning team also assists the sales team to extract the monthly sales position of the company’s iconic products.

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When and who can use the production schedule?

When planning your production, use the production schedule template. This is the time to estimate how many raw materials, labourers, workstations, procedures, and supplies you’ll need to complete the project.

The next step is to map out how raw materials will move from the production process to the end product. You can use this to understand where you are in the production cycle. You can then precisely map the path between each workstation.

The manufacturing schedule enters at this point. It’s a method of controlling these procedures to meet your budget and timetable. After that, you won’t have to take a chance at guesswork when executing commands. Most of the work is done during the execution phase; all that is left to do is respond to supporting issues.

The number of users of the production schedule template will vary depending on your company. A production planning manager is in charge of a company’s production. Although the timetable is an element of the plan, this person is more likely to oversee the plan.

Production Schedulers are another group entrusted with creating the schedule on time. They are occasionally referred to as master schedulers. They use inventory and historical data to create precise schedules. The individual using the production schedule template, whether you have a production planning manager or a production scheduler, needs to maintain constant contact with suppliers, sales reps, and other stakeholders to ensure they are estimating current costs and matching current demand.

Manufacturing Production Schedule

The production plan template helps production staff in the following ways:

  1. It helps to monitor daily production targets.
  2. To manage the deliveries of customer orders as per given timelines.
  3. To manage resources such as the availability of raw material and human resources accordingly.
  4. It helps to configure the machinery as per product type required to produce.
  5. To monitor the balanced quantity of products for certain orders in production.
  6. To prepare for the production line change on completion of an order.

Sales and Planning Production Schedule

The production schedule is also very helpful for the sales and planning staff in the following ways:

  1. To give production go-ahead to the production team.
  2. In the generation of production plan using an ERP system.
  3. To alert the production team about the completion of an order.
  4. In arranging the resources as per the Bill of Material (BOM) of order.
  5. To give dispatch go-ahead on the reception of the payment.
  6. Checking an available lot of delivery for customer inquiries.
  7. To calculate the sales coverage of the production line for a particular product.

So, many of the above steps are related to the pre-production schedule template. While many are linked to the post-production schedule template.

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Features and Components of a Production Schedule Template

There are many types of production schedule MS Excel spreadsheets.

However, most of them include the same information from a different angle.

So, a basic production schedule google sheets template must have the following features:

  1. It describes the Product, its quantity, and delivery schedule
  2. It keeps the production capacity planning into consideration.
  3. The flow of production is based on operations management principles.
  4. It has a calendar feature in Production Calendar Template Excel

Thus, a sample production schedule template must include the following information:

  • Sales Contract Number
  • Customer Name
  • Product Description
  • Payment/L.C Status
  • Delivery Date
  • Total Quantity
  • Remaining Quantity
  • Number of Machines
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Number of Days Left
  • Comments
Production Planning Schedule Sheet

Types of Production Schedule Template

There can be many formats of the production schedule. One can simply free download the best production schedule template excel and google sheets to use for any business.

So, the following are the most common types and formats of production scheduling and planning templates.

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Daily or Weekly Production Schedule

The daily or weekly production schedules are most relevant to production floor use.

It includes the information on the production go-ahead from the planning team.

So, the production team can see the completion of any order and manage the resource for the next one. Most importantly, can plan to configure the production line settings as per the new order.

So, the production team monitors it daily to achieve production targets and manage product changes.

Weekly Production Schedule Template

Example of Daily Production Schedule

One of the MIS tools for operation management utilized in the manufacturing sector is the daily production report. The report I’ve provided here serves as an illustration of a garment manufacturing facility. DPR stands for daily production report. A daily production report is the best example of a daily production schedule.

The DPR report is the first thing they must examine in their capacity as a production manager in a factory. A DPR provides information on how many garments were produced on the last production day, broken down by production line and order number. The daily production data is additionally grouped by supervisor and unit in certain plants.

Although the primary focus is still viewing the production data for garment stitching, some managers also use this information to view the production of other significant factory processes. Such as the production of cutting sections, stitching sections, finishing sections, packing, and quality pass quantities. The active production types are often included in the daily production report. It includes styles that have either started cutting or are ready to ship but have not yet been sent out.

Department Wise Daily Production Schedule

Some manufacturing facilities work on the process type layout. The process type layout has the concept of departmentalization.

So, each department of the production facility has a different production target. Thus, a separate department-wise production plan and schedule are required for such production facilities to fulfil customer orders.

Daily Production Report by Department

Daily production report is the best example of department-wise production scheduling. Different garment units create production reports at different levels and in different formats. Therefore, a daily production report is often generated in each department, and one that includes the output of all significant processes is also made.

  • Daily production report for sewing section,
  • Daily production report for cutting section
  • Daily production report for finishing section.

Screenshots of the daily production report templates

Making a production report is the responsibility of each production department. Therefore, they only include information about their departments when producing production reports on a departmental basis. The department-specific production report templates listed below are the next three.

Daily production report for cutting section

The DPR for the cutting department contains the following data by order, style, and colour, quantity of orders, and average production (fabric consumption).

Department Wise Daily Production Schedule

Some manufacturing facilities work on the process type layout. The process type layout has the concept of departmentalization.

So, each department of the production facility has a different production target.

Thus, a separate department wise production plan and schedule is required for such production facilities to fulfill the customer orders.

Department Wise Daily Production Schedule

Shift Production Schedule

The production floor has 2 to 3 shifts per day. So, each shift has a different target of production for each product.

Thus, the shift wise production is managed using shift production schedule template.

Many times, this template is misunderstood as an employee production shift schedule.

That’s a different schedule helpful to manage the shifts of a production employee.

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Shift Production Schedule

Master Production Schedule

The master production schedule is a scheduling spreadsheet that includes the information of all the completed, in-progress, and pending orders.

This spreadsheet template can be available in MS Excel or google sheets format.

So, it has several spreadsheets for different product types. Also, each spreadsheet may work as an annual production schedule template for that product.

Further, the production planning team keeps on doing entries for every new sales contract to update the spreadsheet regularly.

So, the sales team can check the available lot to offer the delivery time for new inquiries from customers.

Master Production Schedule Template

Production Calendar Schedule Template

This type of production schedule also includes a calendar. The day to day changes of the production line and required quantities of a product are written on the calendar.

So, it is very useful for the production team to manage the resources for the production of different products promptly.

Customer Wise Production Schedule Template

Many companies have long term agreements with the customer. So, they produce a range of products for certain customers daily.

Also, some customers are quality sensitive and special care is required to produce their orders. In that case, the customer wise production schedule is helpful.

Also, a customer wise production scheduling feature can be enabled in the master production schedule using MS Excel or google sheets filter feature.

As the master production schedule is no less than a customer database of a company.

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Customer Wise Production Schedule Template

Steps to Create a Production Schedule Excel Spreadsheet

Although, many types of production scheduling and planning templates have been covered in the above section.

However, there is a still need to mention the steps on how a business can create customize production schedules.

So, the following steps are helpful to create a simple but effective production schedule for any business:

  • Write down the order and production details at the top of the spreadsheet.
  • Mark the first column as the primary column and include headings of Machines, quantity, job time, and job description. Name this section as product management.
  • Add more columns for process stages such as a bill of material reference, quality standard, and inspection. Name this section as process management.

Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Relationship

Production planning and scheduling is a subset of supply chain functions. It is integrated with the other function of the supply chain. The core integration of production scheduling is with MRP, MRP-II, and logistics.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

MRP stands for material requirement planning. Production schedule template helps production and sales staff to plan the deliveries of customer orders.

However, it’s not possible without the understanding of MRP. Production staff makes the bill of material and MRP approach of order before giving any delivery schedule to customers.

MRP reads the material plan or BOM, check the inventory, report the availability of material, and make purchase orders for the material shortage.

Thus, the sales team commits the delivery of customer orders depending on the availability of the material in inventory and lead times.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP-II)

Some large organizations take this concept to next level and use the MRP-II approach in the integration of production scheduling.

MRP-II stands for Manufacturing Resource Planning. This approach focus on the arrangement of resources required to make and delivery customer order other than materials.

The focus areas of MRP-II are integration with HR, MIS, Accounts, Supply Chain, Administration, and Finance Department.


Finally, the concept of logistics isn’t just linked with the delivery of products. It is way more than just carrying products to the customer.

The logistics approach is associated with material handling, packaging, storage, loading, and delivery of goods.

Material handling isn’t a non-technical thing. Professionals make the whole handling SOP and define the medium of transportation to avoid product quality deterioration.

Further, the packaging is sometimes a hindrance to giving the best delivery schedule. If the customer wants a customized type of packaging which isn’t standard for the company.

So, it may take time to develop the desired packaging with the packaging suppliers. Thus, the production team has to consider this aspect as well.

Finally, the transportation medium decides the dispatch quality parameters of some products. Such as the yarn manufacturer will decide the percentage of moisture in the dispatching yarn depending on the transit time and expected date of use by the weaving customer.

Further, any political situation or shipping line strikes will also impact the exact delivery date of the product.

In short, the production scheduling planner has to keep in view these supply chain management functions for the fulfillment of their commitments.

Finally, it was all about the “Production Schedule Excel Spreadsheet Template”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Supply Chain Management.

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