Free Project Schedule Template | Plans, Gantt Chart and Timeline Templates

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Free Project Schedule Template | Plans, Gantt Chart and Timeline Templates

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Are you having a limited project budget? Can’t purchase an expensive project schedule template or tool? Then, you are in the right place.

Our free Project Schedule Templates will allow you to manage the scheduling activity efficiently and effectively.

So, don’t waste the project team time on making the basic project schedule template from scratch. Read the full article to get all required spreadsheets for free and learn how to use them.

Although there are hundreds of tools available for project scheduling. But we provide free google sheets and excel project schedule spreadsheets. Also, these project schedule spreadsheets are flexible and simple to use.

In this article, an introduction to the project schedule template and features of the project schedule will be presented. Also, the process to create a project schedule and guidelines for its effective use will be discussed in detail.

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What is a Project Schedule Template?

A project schedule is a tabular and visual representation of the dates for completion of tasks, subtasks, and achievement of milestones. However, it also presents the duration and logical sequence of tasks.

So, a well-defined project schedule is a must-have part of the project plan template excel. For this purpose, project management professionals recommend using the project schedule template for the effective management of resources and achievement of project goals.

Moreover, the project schedule plan is a document that is included in the project plan to define the project tasks, durations, and dates.


Project Scheduling is a process of creating a comprehensive plan of how the project will proceed for the achievement of goals.

Moreover, it touches all the necessary details such as a list of activities, duration and logical sequence of activities, and estimated starting and completion date. Therefore, the project schedule is considered a vital part of the project planning phase.

In PMBOK, a separate knowledge area is included to deal with the project schedule management. It has the following processes:

  1. Schedule Management Planning
  2. Definition of Tasks
  3. Sequence of Tasks
  4. Duration Estimate of Tasks
  5. Development and Control of Schedule
Project Schedule Management by PMBOK

Who should use the Project Scheduling Template?

Project scheduling is the responsibility of project managers. However, project managers seek valuable insights into the project team and other stakeholders of the project.

Moreover, the project managers can define the roles in the project team for the creation of the project schedule using the project schedule spreadsheet.

Therefore, the target of developing an effective project schedule becomes achievable for the successful management of project resources, allocation of resource and balancing their availability.

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What are the benefits of using Project Scheduling Spreadsheet?

The project schedule is usually considered just to define the work breakdown structure, and duration required to perform the work.

However, in actual, it focuses on every ingredient of project success in the form of tasks, WBS, interdependencies, milestones, and ultimate goals.

The project schedule Excel template helps to answer the following questions.

  • Which activities have been completed?
  • What is currently in process?
  • What activities are coming next?

Therefore, project managers can effectively manage the limited and common resources for activities on a timely basis.

Also, the project schedule Excel spreadsheet is presented to all the project stakeholders to bridging the gap in understanding. So, the project team can highlight the complexities during interval meetings for improvements.

Mostly, project managers can create a project schedule without the help of any specific tools. However, large scale projects require professional scheduling tools or services. Therefore, it is encouraged to use the free project scheduling template in excel or project timeline template excel.

Project Scheduling Benefits

What are the Components of a Project Schedule Templates?

As the definition and benefits of the project schedule have been well-explained in the above sections. Therefore, there must not be any misunderstanding in the definition of vital components of the project schedule template.

A basic project schedule excel template should contain following details,

  1. Tasks List
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Tasks Network Diagram
  4. Duration Estimations
  5. Tasks Calendar / Gantt Chart
  6. Resources Calendar

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What are the Techniques for Project Scheduling?

There are several techniques used for the definition and control of the project schedule. However, the project management professional recommends the use of the following techniques:

  • Experts Judgements
  • Meetings
  • Leads and Lags
  • Precedence Mapping Method
  • Parametric Estimation
  • Three-Point Estimation
  • Network Diagram Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Resources Optimization Analysis
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Project Evaluation and Management Technique
  • Gantt Chart

How to create a Project Schedule Template?

The need and importance of the project schedule spreadsheets are well-justified. Therefore, how this document helps the project managers in the achievement of tasks, milestones, and success is easy to understand.

Therefore, project managers use the following process for the creation of the project schedule using the project schedule spreadsheet,

  1. Identification of Tasks
  2. Creation of Timeline
  3. Definition of Milestones
  4. Application of Calendar Dates
  5. Allocation of Resources
  6. Iteration of Planned and Actual Schedule
Process to Create a Template of  Scheduling

How to use the Project Schedule Template?

It is important to understand the correct use of the project schedule template excel. Therefore, the following guidelines are defined for the valuable users of project schedule template,

  • Identify all project activities and define a work breakdown structure.
  • Apply estimation techniques for making estimates of tasks durations.
  • Find out the critical path and activities of the project.
  • Define the project timeline for task realization.
  • Do resource management based on the timeline.
  • Use the Gantt Chart tool for visualization.

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What are the Types of Project Schedule Templates?

There are several types of project schedule templates. However, the most commonly used ones are available here to free download.

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Master Project Schedule Template
Monthly Gantt Project Schedule Template
Project Weekly Schedule Template

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In Short, the project schedule templates are widely used and recommended by project management professionals.

Also, there are a lot of benefits of using project schedule templates in excel. As there are hundreds of templates involve in the process.

Therefore, it is not possible for the project managers to make each by themselves.

Moreover, project schedule templates are easily available and categorized for major processes of the project schedule management knowledge area.

Finally, it was all about the “Free Project Schedule Template”. So, please do share your feedback in the comment section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Project Management.

Additionally, for more details and queries, feel free to Contact Us at any time. We value your suggestions and Looking forward to hearing from you.

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