Recruitment Tracker Excel Template | Candidate Application Tracking

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Recruitment Tracker Excel Template | Candidate Application Tracking

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Recruitment is one of the basic functions of any company’s human resource department. It is a systematic process of acquiring new talent from the market for the available capacities. Thus, the Recruitment Tracker Template is very useful.

The recruitment process is a multi-step funnel type approach. Thus, it requires a different type of tools such as tracking templates, metrics monitors, and dashboards for proper handling.

The recruitment tracking template is one of the most extensively used recruitment process monitoring and tracking tool. Also, it is equipped with all the basic to advanced features required to efficiently complete a recruitment cycle.

The recruitment tracking spreadsheets available in this article are professionally developed to fulfill all needs for monitoring, tracking, and controlling the recruitment or applicant hiring process. These recruitment templates are equally useful in all phases of the recruitment process.

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Recruitment Tracker Template

Importance of Recruitment Tracker Template Excel

Candidates Application Tracking isn’t the only task the HR team has to do. There are several jobs to perform for each talent acquisition manager of the HR department.

Thus, multitasking often leads to forget or skip important things of any process. Therefore, HR professionals always prefer to use different tools for assistance in the hiring process.

However, the recruitment team uses whatever approach for tracking applicants. So, the key purpose is to streamline the recruitment process and smoothly pass from each phase of hiring.

Also, many companies participate in the kind of university job fairs. Where students drop thousands of resumes on the company HR booth. HR team can’t filter and identify potential candidates out of those.

Thus, different digital platforms are here to help HR in sorting out such matters.

Moreover, our recruitment tracker Excel templates use a very simple interface for streamlining things without the need of purchasing any expensive HR solution.

It helps to arrange and filter applicants’ names, email address, resume digital documents, and other useful data. Thus, saves tons of time and other resources in searching from piles of printed material.

Thus, the recruitment application flow log template aims to keep the management and payroll cost to the minimum level. Also, it makes use of a very simple MS Excel tool that is in the skills of every HR graduate.

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What are the Phases of a Recruitment Process?

A recruitment or hiring process is a multi-step approach to acquire the best talent from the market to fill in the vacancy available for any position in the company.

So, it requires a systematic approach to careful focus on all the steps. Thus, the recruitment funnel charts help to ensure the acquisition of potential talent.

There can be different mechanisms for a different type of positions. Also, it depends on the nature of the vacancy as well. Mostly, the junior positions have a different approach for hiring while it is different for senior management positions.

Similarly, there is a different strategy for a new position while the hiring in replacement will follow a separate mechanism.

However, generally, a basic recruitment cycle passes from the following phases before completion.

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  1. Identification of Need / Requirement for generation of new position / vacancy.
  2. Description of the Role & Responsibilities of the new Capacity.
  3. Definition of the target area for the acquisition of potential talent.
  4. Announcement of the Vacancy to attract applications for the job position.
  5. Shortlisting of potential candidates and contacting them.
  6. Receiving Responses and Submissions from the identified talent.
  7. Conducting a basic screening test followed by several ones to one or panel interview sessions.
  8. Giving Offer to selected candidates and appointment.

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What is the Recruitment Funnel Chart?

The recruitment tracking template helps to follow the recruitment process explained in the above section. So, if we carefully review the recruitment phases again, it follows a shrinking pattern.

As we start by identifying potential candidates and ends with hiring. Each leading phase involves less number of candidates than the previous one.

Thus, if we map the number of candidates of each phase as the width function. So, every next step has a narrows width than the previous one.

Thus, resulting in a funnel-like shape that is much wider on the upper side while very narrow at the bottom.

Moreover, our recruitment tracking Excel templates provide the function to generate this recruitment funnel chart for any hiring process.

Further, the following visual representation of a simple hiring process makes it easy to understand how the funnel chart approach works for the HR recruitment tracking process.

Recruitment Funnel Chart Template

Types of Recruitment Tracker Excel Spreadsheets

There are several types of Recruitment Excel Templates. So, the focus of each type is to provide a better user interface and features to enhance the streamlining of the process.

Thus, companies use many expensive HR professional solutions. So, the basic recruitment process tracker templates are of the following types:

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  1. MS Excel XLS Template
  2. Small Enterprise HR System
  3. Candidate Shortlisting Web-Based Tools
  4. Linked-In Talent Acquisition and Lead Generation Tool

Moreover, the recruitment tracking Excel templates are available for every function of the recruitment process. The most common recruitment tracker templates are the following.

  1. Vacancy Tracker Template Excel XLS
  2. HR Application Tracking Form
  3. Recruiter Hiring Tracking Excel XLS
  4. Recruitment Data Tool Excel Template
  5. Candidate Interview Notes Spreadsheet
  6. Applicant Confirmation Tracker Template
  7. Recruitment Application Flow Log Template
  8. Free Recruitment Metrics Excel Template
  9. Recruitment Dashboard Excel Template
  10. Recruitment Funnel Template Excel

Components of a Recruitment Tracking Excel XLS

There are several types of recruiter application tracking templates. However, lets’ discuss what are the basic components of a simple recruitment tracker template for understanding?

  1. Job Details; Job ID, Job Title, Position, Department, Recruitment Manager Name, Date of Job Posting, Recruitment Cycle Type, Target of Appointment, and Joining.
  2. Applicant Details; Applicant Name, Contact #, Email Address, Qualification, Skills Set, Experience, Current Position, Current Salary, and Date of Availability.
  3. Recruitment Cycle; Job Posting, Actions, Response, Short Listing, Tests, Interviews, Selection, Appointment, and Joining.
  4. Process Details; Process Time, Status, Decline Reason of each Candidate, Stage of Declination, and Expected Completion Date.

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How to use Recruitment Tracking Template Excel?

The recruitment tracking templates are compatible with Excel and Google Sheets type tools. Also, these templates are simple to understand and customizable as per the requirement.

So, different types of tracking templates have different applications and analysis techniques. A recruitment dashboard excel template provides a summary of the whole hiring process.

So, it displays the essence of the whole process in the best way. Also, the professionals usually prefer to display total vacancies, applications, days to hire, decline stages summary, and reasons percentage.

However, an excel recruitment template requires the only insertion of job ID, title, position, applicant details, and process details. Then have to follow step by step approach out of the recruitment process and just need to update the output of each stage on the recruitment spreadsheet.

So, the recruitment basic cycle is consists of attraction, shortlisting, screening, interviews, and hiring. Thus, simply input data from each step into the applicant tracking sheet in terms of candidates move forward, candidates declined, and reason for the decline.

Once the process is complete and the selected candidate joins the company. It is important to complete the cycle on the recruitment sheet as well to have a summary of the dashboard sheet. This dashboard summary is helpful for analysis and future use.

Also, professional HR managers use recruitment tracker excel templates for managing the process efficiently. We provide the best applicant hiring templates free for commercial use.

How to Make a Recruitment Tracking Template?

Sometimes the recruitment manager requires to make customize the tracking sheet or need to do some changes in the dashboard for analysis. So, it is very easy to make or edit any recruitment template for customized use.

Thus, simply follow the below guidelines to make your customized recruitment tracking template.

  • Find out the best matching recruitment template for your needs.
  • Identify the changes required to make it as per your need.
  • Do the changes using MS Excel or Google Sheets editing tool.
  • Test the modified version for use in any recruitment cycle.
  • Use the customized recruitment sheet for the hiring process.
  • Review the recruitment template for improvements.

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Benefits of Recruitment Tracking Template

There are tons of benefits of using recruitment tracking excel templates in the hiring process. The most common and obvious ones include;

  • It minimizes the possibilities of errors in the manual recruitment process.
  • It works as a reminder sheet.
  • Makes the hiring process time efficient and saves resources like manpower and papers.
  • The cheap and best alternative to Expensive HR Solutions.
  • Works Perfectly and Easy to Integrate with other Enterprise Reports.

Free Download Recruitment Tracker Excel Template

Templates Free Download provides free templates to record and keeps track of the recruitment process and applicants’ hiring for the available vacancy.

Also, these spreadsheets are very useful to monitor, track, and control the candidates’ applications and recruitment process for any capacity or position.

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Recruitment Tracker Data Tool Template

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Recruiter Hiring Tracker Template
Monthly Recruitment Tracking Report Template
Recruitment Application Flow Log Template
Candidate Confirmation Tracker

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Interview Notes Template

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