SolidWorks 2019! How to Free Download, Install and License – Full Version

Are you looking for SolidWorks 2019 complete step by step guide to download, install, and license? In this article, we will answer the most common FAQs about SolidWorks.

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Here, we will comprehensively cover all the most noteworthy details one needs to learn about the new SolidWorks 2019.

SolidWorks 2019 is a professional-grade 3D CAD software for design engineers. Therefore, it’s a full version that includes all features of CAD and CAE.

The SolidWorks 2019 student version comes with a lot of 3D design professional tools that are helpful for students to learn the basics of 3D design.

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Step by Step Guide to Download SolidWorks 2019 Student Version (Education Edition)

There are the few simple steps one can simply follow to get a student version of SolidWorks Download. Moreover, this version is available as SolidWorks for Mac and Windows both.

Step 1: SolidWorks Account Signup

Firstly, signup and Login to SolidWorks Site to get a free student account.

SolidWorks Account Signup

Step 2: SolidWorks 2019 Setup Download

After that, follow the link to download the SolidWorks Trial Setup.

SolidWorks Download

Step 3: Launching SolidWorks Installation Manager

Open the Setup.exe file from the SolidWorks Download installation directory to run the SolidWorks 2019 installation manager.

When the pop-up screen of Welcome to the SolidWorks Manager appears, choose the Individual (on this computer) option and click on the Next button.

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SolidWorks Installation Manager

Step 4: Fill In the SolidWorks Products Information

After that, fill in the Serial Number for the SolidWorks products that are required to be installed. Also, make sure to disconnect the internet connection before pressing the next button.

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SolidWorks Serial Numbers

Step 5: System Check by connecting SolidWorks

As a result, the installation Manager will perform a system check by connecting to SolidWorks. Because the internet is a disconnect, an error screen will pop up, simply click on cancel to proceed on the next screen.

System Check

Step 6: Installation Summary

As a result, the Summary window will show details of products that are doing to be installed along with download options, installation location, and toolboxes. So, If required, click on the change button for alteration.

Moreover, after reviewing all details, click on “ I accept the terms of the SolidWorks” and click on the “Install Now” button for installation.

Installation Summary

Step 7: SolidWorks License Agreement

Finally, let the Installation get completed and click on the Finish button. Once completed, launch the SolidWorks through a desktop icon of software.

After that, click on the Accept button on the pop-up of the SolidWorks License Agreement window.

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License Agreement

Step 8: Complete Guide to Licensing

Moreover, please follow the below step by step guide for licensing of SolidWorks 2019.

  1. Click on the following link to download the complete guide. “Complete Guide for SolidWorks Installation and Licensing.

Finally, for SolidWorks 2019 review after signing up for the SolidWorks account. You can Launch an Online Version of SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Online Version

SolidWorks 2019 Top New Features

Dassault Systèmes adds tons of new features in every release of the new version of SolidWorks. SolidWorks 2019 What’s New documents covers all the features that have been newly added or updated in SolidWorks Download new version.

Below are the few of the best new features of SolidWorks version.

  1. New 3D Texture Tool
  2. Improved constraints for generative design via topology study
  3. Better Graphical Performance
  4. Large Assembly Tool for Improved Editing
  5. Sheet Metal Work using Model-Based Definition (MBD) Tool
  6. Enhance the Export Formats of SolidWorks EDRAWINGS.
  7. 3D Markup Tools
  8. Improved Control of Fillet and Chamfer using New Setting Options
  9. Improved Efficiency of SolidWorks CAM
  10. Removed Section View Tool for Drawings Format

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SolidWorks 2019 System Requirements and Prerequisites

There are certain prerequisites to fulfill before proceeding to SolidWorks 2019 Installation. Therefore, to successfully install and run SolidWorks 2019 on windows. Please verify the following basic system requirements before installation.

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  • Windows 10, or Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 3.3 GHz or Higher
  • RAM: 16 GB (8 GB for PDM Viewer or Contributor only)
  • Graphics Card: Certified Cards and Drivers only
  • Disk Space: 16 GB of Free Space for Complete Package Installation (SSD is recommended)
  • Software: MS Office Suite 2013-19, and Antivirus

For a complete guide about the system requirement of different SolidWorks products, also read SolidWorks and SW PDM System Requirements.

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