How to Use Agile Project Sprint Backlog Template

Jawad Ahmad


Jawad Ahmad

How to Use Agile Project Sprint Backlog Template

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In agile project management, the product backlog is a running list containing a detailed list of activities necessary to complete the project. Also, it is used to prioritize work.

In this way, it includes the details of each work for assistance along with the duration. As it is a highly flexible and interactive methodology, project teams can quickly respond to challenges and ultimately deliver better results faster.

The agile sprint backlog comes out from the product backlog. It’s a collection of information that can be completed in a given sprint for the tasks needed. It also works for the project team to accomplish small tasks at the end of each Sprint.

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Agile Project Sprint Backlog Template

Agile Sprint Backlog Template

Generally, the sprint backlog contains the items which all stakeholders of the project approved. However, once the agile project plan is developed, the teams can review the sprint backlog during the sprint period to add or remove anything to maintain it.

Also known as an agile project schedule, it gives motivation to the project team. In this way, the sprint backlog template works like small milestones to focus on.

Agile backlog template helps project teams identify the activities essential to deliver the preferred product backlog item. Moreover, add the task to the iteration backlog. So, you can remove or add it from the Sprint over the entire sprint timeframe. 

Product backlog template helps you add your tasks, status, start, and end date, and responsible. One plus point is that the backlog template automatically calculates the duration of each task.

Moving further, sprint dashboards are helpful for visual presentation of the sprint backlog progress. Also, it finds the scope of the existing Sprint. The project team uses the delivery board to find Sprint’s tasks from the product backlog.

Task teams use a task board. And this is result of dividing the product backlog items. We have created a simple product backlog template for you.

Also, this scrum product backlog template makes it easy to create and refine a backlog. So, we’ll be ready to dive into your sprint planning session with a clear-cut picture of the project’s top priorities. 

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What is a product backlog, and why is it important?

A product backlog is a prioritized list of all the requirements for the software development project. The scrum backlog template shows essential items on the top of the product backlog.

So, whenever a new work pops up, it includes to the product backlog. So the team knows what to deliver first. Product development is a dynamic process, and PMs should keep up the Scrum backlog with the changes.

In this way, the team will build in the current scope of work. And can also prioritize backlog items according to the requirements of the product owner. Having a well-managed product backlog always gives your software project a clear plan.

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Tips for prioritizing the product backlog

Let us talk about how we prioritize our product backlog. 

  • Identify categories that each item will fall under to define your priorities. 
  • Also, arrange the items on the product backlog to start your next Sprint. 
  • Don’t include every possible task that is lower than second-level priority on your product backlog. 
  • Create a separate list for all lower-priority or long-term ideas and requests. 
  • Assign a quantifiable system or scores to determine the overall value of each item. 
  • Re-evaluate your backlog time and again. Also check, all use story is still relevant and essential. And mark items as complete. 
  • Figure out a point system that will help to assign time and development resources to every item.
Tips for prioritizing the product backlog

Guidelines for Creating an Effective Agile Sprint Backlog Template

The agile sprint backlog is a small and focused list of items. It is super easy to create a backlog template. However, most of the PM’s make the same mistakes while creating an agile sprint backlog template.

As Sprint is the backbone of any Agile development team. The better you plan before a sprint, the more chances to hit your goals. Further, in an agile sprint backlog template, you should review your product roadmap and the sprint team’s working capability by the scrum methodology.

The three top roles of the Scrum framework are the development team, scrum master, and the product owner. 

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Benefits of Agile Sprint Backlog Template

There are many benefits of having sprint backlog template excel. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Sprint backlog template xls helps the project team to prioritize the tasks of the short sprint period.
  • These sprint backlog spreadsheets are easy to use and create for the best performance. 
  • Sprint backlog template google docs is a subset of the product backlog. Also, it helps the team create ideas about future items. 
  • The agile project plan template is essential to keep a balanced list of items in a sprint backlog to avoid disruptions. 
  • A better sprint backlog example is that it allows the development team to visualize the items’ progress.
  • Moreover, the sprint backlog template ppt helps to communicate the sprint progress stats without wasting time creating complicated burnup and burndown charts. 
  • Agile backlog template allows Scrum teams to discuss the current and upcoming tasks via visual sprint boars.
  • Therefore, the backlog template focuses on delivering selected product backlog items in a short period by prioritizing tasks. 

Agile Sprint Backlog with Burndown Chart Template

The spring backlog, or a sprint backlog, is necessary during agile sprint planning. In this planning phase, the team selects the top items in the product backlog and add them in sprints.

Moreover, the sprint backlog contains all the work pressed into the development phase. Also, this agile sprint backlog with a burndown chart template is a to-do list of backlog items that must complete them in the current iteration. 

Above all, this agile sprint backlog template has columns for backlog items,
responsible, story points, status, and original estimate. In this way, this burndown chart represents an outstanding work. 

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Agile Project Sprint Backlog

There are many questions in the FAQ list of How to Use Agile Project Sprint Backlog Template. However, the top 5 and the basic ones are:

What should be included in sprint backlog?

The Sprint Backlog contains:
The Product Backlog items that the Development Team agreed to complete within the Sprint.
The plan for doing this.
At least one process improvement.

Who prepares the sprint backlog?

The Scrum Team creates a sprint backlog during the Sprint Planning. 

Who is responsible for sprint backlog?

According to the Scrum framework, the whole agile team scrum master, product owner, and development team members) are responsible for sprint backlog.

What are 5 Scrum values?

The 5 Scrum values are commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.

What is user story in Sprint?

A user story is the lowest unit of work in an agile framework. It’s an end goal from the software user’s point of view.

Finally, it was all about the “How to Use Agile Project Sprint Backlog Template”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and keep visiting us to learn more about Project Management.

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