Zoom Video Conferencing! Features, Pricing Plans, and Steps to Download

The zoom is one of the leading video conferencing, web conferencing, and webinar app used by the businesses. So, it’s helping employees in the best way to work from home in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Thus, many users are looking for a Zoom Video Communications Windows Desktop and Mobile App.

In this article, we will provide a brief introduction about zoom, its features, how it works, tips, trick, and alternatives.

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Zoom Video Communications

What is Zoom Video Communications App?

Zoom is a free cloud-based peer to peer video conferencing, web conferencing, and webinars service provided zoom video communications Inc. Thus, people use it for business meetings, distance education, and social relations.

Further, it allows the people to meet virtually with others via audio, video, or both mediums. Also, zoom allows us to record sessions to view later.

The zoom is used by hundreds of multinational companies for business meetings. Moreover, this number has increased by 500% during the COVID-19 lockdown situation over the world.

Zoom video communications popularity is due to its ease of use, high-quality HD video, HD audio, and many other features. Also, the participant can join the meeting even without signing into the zoom app. However, the participant must sign up to host an instant meeting.

Key Features of Zoom Video Communications

The premium version of zoom video conferencing is packed with a bunch of extra-ordinary features. However, even free users can enjoy the following features of the zoom video communications app.

Video Conferencing Features: HD video, HD Voice, Full-Screen View, Gallery View, Waiting Room, Multiple Screen Share, and Active Speaker View.

Web Conferencing Features: Desktop and Application Sharing, Private and Group Chats, Host Controls, Raise Hand, Chrome and Outlook extensions, scheduling, Personal Meeting ID, and instant or scheduled meetings.

Group Collaboration Features: Breakout rooms, Screen share any iPhone/iPad app, co-annotation, mac support, windows support, whiteboarding, multi-share, and remote control.

HD Video and Audio: Cloud-based HD video and audio meetings with up to 1000 video participants.

Recording: Local or Cloud-based recording of video and audio meetings.

Screen Sharing and Annotation: Support multiple screen sharing and interactive annotation control.

Scheduling: Allows to schedule or start an instant meeting using outlook, browser plugin, or Gmail.

Security and Protection: Encrypted meetings with password protection and full control over the participant’s role.

Zoom Video Communications Security Features

Team Sessions: Allows to chat with the group and indexable chat history of 10 years. Integrated with easy file sharing.

One to One Meeting: Unlimited one-to-one meetings even with a free plan.

Participants: Host up to 100 participants with a free plan and up to 500 participants with an enterprise plan.

Zoom Participants Control Feature by Zoom Video Communications

Meeting Duration: Up to 40 minutes on group meetings with the free plan.

Zoom Video Communications App Plans

Zoom video communications offer four major plans for zoom video conferencing, web conferencing, and webinars app. So, each plan is packed with a bunch of features to choose from.

Thus, individuals or businesses can choose any plan keeping in view the features offered in each plan.

Zoom Free – Basic Plan for Personal Meetings

The basic version of the zoom video communications service is free to use. It allows joining an unlimited number of one-to-one meetings even without signing up. However, it is essential to sign up using SSO, Gmail, or Facebook to host a meeting.

Further, the zoom free allows to host up to 100 participants and unlimited one-to-one meetings. However, 40 mins are the maximum limit of each group meeting.

So, all the video conferencing, web conferencing, group collaboration, and security features are available for zoom free plans.

Furthermore, free ticket support is available for the basic plan users as well to deal with issues.

Zoom Pro Plan for Small Teams

The zoom pro plan of zoom video communications service includes all the basic features. However, large meeting add-on is available to purchase up to 1000 participants in this plan. Further. However, 24 hours is the maximum limit of each group meeting.

Also, it gives the host a full range of user controllers such as add, delete, assign roles, remote control, hold, and mute features. Moreover, some additional administration features are under the control of hosts such as enabling and disabling recording, chats, notifications, and encryption.

Further, several reports are available on several meetings, days, participants, minutes, and many more. Also, scheduling can be assigned to someone else having a pro plan.

Additionally, cloud-based session recording up to 1GB space and MP4 or M4A formats supports.

Similarly, the interoperability of skype for business, REST API, and custom Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

Finally, some optional add-on plans are also available for pro plan to choose from at different costs. It includes extra cloud recording storage, joins by zoom rooms, joins by toll-free dialing, adds video webinars, and H.323/SIP room connector.

Zoom Business Plan for Small & Med Businesses

The zoom business plan of the zoom video communications service includes all the pro features. It supports up to 300 participants. However, large meeting add-on is available to purchase up to 1000 participants in this plan.

Also, it provides dedicated phone support, auto-generated cloud transcripts, and an admin dashboard to manage all administrative features during the live session.

Further, it allows creating customize company URL (company.zoom.us) and add domain email users accounts automatically. Furthermore, the businesses can log in using company credentials via single sign-on (SSO) based on SAML 2.0.

Additionally, the company customizes page for users to join a meeting and custom invitation emails for company branding.

Finally, there is only one optional add-on plan to join by toll-free dialing or call me for a business plan.

Zoom Enterprise Plan for Large Enterprise

The zoom enterprise plan of the zoom video communications service includes all the business features. It supports up to 500 participants.

However, enterprise plus update is available to purchase up to 1000 participants in this plan.

Also, it includes a dedicated customer success manager, unlimited cloud storage, and bundle discounts on webinars and zoom rooms.

Furthermore, the executive business review feature provides detailed trending adoption analysis, ROI tracking, and product roadmap discussions.

Zoom Video Communications Plans and Pricing

Zoom Download Center

Zoom video communications website has a pretty user-friendly one-click download center. Where a user can download a variety of zoom apps and extensions for different operating systems, browsers, devices, and tools.

So, a desktop app is available to download for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Further, these all apps let the user join a meeting even without signing up.

However, the user must sign in using a zoom account, SSO, Google, or Facebook to host a meeting. Thus, all basic features of admin control, participant management, and schedules are available in these apps.

1. Zoom Client for Meetings

Zoom client for meetings is a basic zoom communications app to use zoom service. So, the web browser automatically downloads it while joining or starting a first zoom meeting. However, you can Click Here to download it manually.

Further, it is packed with a full range of features to join a meeting, start a meeting, screen sharing, admin control, and manage participants.

Zoom Client for Meetings by Zoom Video Communications

2. Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Zoom plugin for Microsoft Outlook integrates the outlook and zoom. So, it adds icons of zoom scheduling and instant meeting in outlook. However, the user must sign in to use these features as a host.

Further, this plugin is very easy to use and makes the process of scheduling zoom meetings a matter of seconds.

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Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook by Zoom Video Communications

3. Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes by Zoom Video Communications

Zoom integrates with the IBM Notes desktop workflow application using a zoom plugin for IBM Notes. So, it adds a zoom button on the IBM Notes meeting schedule window.

Thus, enable us to schedule a zoom meeting from IBM Notes with one click.

4. Zoom Extension for Browsers

The use of zoom extension for browsers allows the user to start or schedule a zoom meeting with one click from Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

So, it adds as an extension or add-on to the browser and installs a zoom button for easy accessibility.

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Zoom Extension for Chrome by Zoom Video Communications

5. Zoom Mobile Apps

Zoom video communications service is fully accessible from android or iOS mobiles. So, separate apps are available on Google Appstore and Apple Appstore for free download.

Further, the feature of starting or joining a meeting, screen sharing, file sharing, group chats, and push-to-talk messages are available to use.

6. Zoom Client Plugin for Sharing iPhone/iPad

The zoom video communications service requires a separate plugin for iPhone/iPad screen sharing.

However, this plugin will be automatically installed when someone with try to share the screen from iPhone/iPad during the zoom meeting time.

7. Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms and Touchscreen Displays

Zoom video communications service provides a separate app for conference rooms and touchscreen displays.

So, it allows the user to install the zoom room application to set up the conference room for a one-touch meeting and calendar integration.

8. Controllers for Zoom Rooms by Zoom Video Communications

This tool allows the user to control zoom room meetings from iPad, Android, or Windows Tablet in the meeting room.

9. Zoom Plugin for Skype for Business

The zoom plugin for skype for business is a renamed version of the zoom plugin for Lync. So, it allows the user to invite contacts or start a zoom instant meeting directly from skype.

10. Zoom Plugin for Intel Unite by Zoom Video Communications

This zoom video communications plugin integrates the intel unite conferencing technology with zoom.

So, it works a solution to Intel Unite meeting space to an easy and inherent way to collaborate with Zoom’s world-class video conferencing capabilities.

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