How To Create Memo Template Google Docs? Step By Step Guide

Haleema Qayyum


Haleema Qayyum

How To Create Memo Template Google Docs? Step By Step Guide

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Let’s suppose you are in a meeting where you need to pay attention to every little detail and everything. This means that you have to remember everything from the names of members who have attended the meeting and what is being discussed. Here, you can use a memo template.

Memo templates are one of the things that will help you remember and recap everything that happened in the meeting. Do you know what memo is and what memo templates google docs are? If not, then read this article completely.

Memo Template Google Docs

This article is going to tell you everything about memo format and templates. Furthermore, we will tell you how to make google doc memo templates step by step. Many people ask the question, does google doc has memo templates.

But unfortunately, the answer is No. Google Docs does not have any memo template, but you can create a memo format from scratch using styling tools present in Google Docs.

Elements Of A Memo Template

If you want to make your memo for any upcoming meeting, you need to be aware of the essential elements of a memo. It is important because you can make sure that your memo is serving its purpose by knowing the elements.

In addition, it helps you or any other person know what happened in the meeting and the essential details of the event. So, due to this reason, you need to know the basic elements that almost all types of memos have. The basic elements are:

Elements of a Memo

When it comes to creating a memo for a meeting or event, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is a title. It is essential to include the title as it will help you or anyone else know the document’s intent.

In addition, also make sure to write the title of the document that relates to its purpose. For example, if you attend a business meeting, you need to write the memo’s name as “Business meeting memo” or any other similar title.


The other essential element of a memo template is to write the names of people who attended the meeting or event. So for writing the names, you need to include their first name and last name. In addition, you also have to include the initials of the middle name of all the people.

Date and Time

Those who will be going through the memo will need the date and time it was created. The two will point out when exactly when it was made; this information is very important for business situations such as board meetings or even just regular ones.

Do not forget to write the complete date, meaning that you must include a month, day, and year. Also, provide the exact hour and minute of the start and finish should you be required to do so.

Item Details

The item details section in a memo includes all the information you need to recall later. For example, you need to add the details of all the items being utilized in the meeting or event. So, it is good to know about those things ahead of time.

Types of Memo

There are various types of memos that you can create according to the type of event you are covering. Each type of memo is suitable for a particular meeting. So, you should know what type of memo is appropriate for which event. A few common types of memos are:

Types of Memo

How To Create A Google Doc Memo Template?

If you want to create a google doc memo template, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Google and sign in to your Gmail account. Go to Google apps (on the right corner). Click ‘Docs.’ A file of Google Docs will open.

Step 2: There is no built-in template or memo format in the google doc. So, create a new one by clicking on ‘blank’ new document. Now search on the menu bar and press ‘Insert’> ‘Table’> ‘1×1.’

Step 3: Now write the title of the memo inside the table. It should align center at the topmost part of the memo document. The font size should be 18, and the font style should be ‘Comfortaa’>’ Bold’ so that everyone can read it easily.

Step 4: Now leave two spaces below the title and add other essential information such as ‘To,’ ‘From,’ ‘Date,’ and ‘Subject.’ Align all these details to the left by using the key ‘Ctrl+Shift+L.’

The date format should be DD/MM/YY. ‘Action required’ and ‘Ref’ is optional. Finally, write the subject line, and it should not be more than seven words.

Step 5: Insert a horizontal line after the header. For inserting the header line go to the menu bar, and click ‘Insert’> ‘Horizontal Line.’ Next, summarize the main points of the memo that the reader needs to know.

Step 6: In the introduction, write down the situation you’re addressing in the memo. Write the purpose. You can also include reasons, statistics, and examples in the memo.

Step 7: Conclude your purpose professionally and close the memo. If you have attached documents, indicate them at the end part.

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Tips for Creating a Memo

These are the tips that you need to keep in mind when creating a memo.

Focus On The Memo Format

No matter what type of memo you are making, the vital points to note are font style, font size, and how to present the information. In addition, you need to ensure that all readers can easily understand the information you present in the memo.

If you have no idea how to make a memo and what format you should follow, simply search online and use any template as a reference.

Proofread And Edit

Before finalizing the memo and handing it over to the concerned person, proofread it and make necessary edits to the content. In addition, check the grammar and spelling errors in the memo. So, make sure to check your memo thoroughly to avoid missing out on any corrections.

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